Nene Ackwerh III hands over renovated bungalowto headmistress of Hwakpo basic school

The renovated bungalow for the Hwakpo D/A Basic School headmistress

Nene Agbasi Dzikunu Ackwerh III, a traditional ruler in the Ada Traditional Area, has renovated and handed over a residence to the headmistress of the Hwakpo D/A Basic School.

The development will enable Etornam Amedeka, the headmistress to stay on campus   to check her teachers’ and pupils’ punctuality.

She would also be available to attend to the concerns of parents and guardians who would need her urgent services in the community.

The last gesture Nene Ackwerh III had demonstrated to improve the academic performance of the 2022 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates in his community was the provision of a set of MOCK examination questions and writing materials.

This year’s BECE is scheduled for October and the MOCK questions and writing materials for the school, Miss Etornam told The Chronicle were timely to help the teachers to further assess the candidates’ readiness for the national exams.

“The school could organise two MOCK exams for the candidates, but most of the parents of the  JHS 3 students could not pay for the exams.

This is a low-income generation community with students who are going to sit the same BECE with students from prime communities and schools. Our BECE performances over the years have been worrying.

“For example, our best BECE result in 2021 was 29 and we cannot blame our candidates because our needs to help us improve the academic performance of the school are enormous.

So, we want to thank Nene Ackwerh III for the steps he is taking to improve the standard of education at Hwakpo,” Etornam Amedeka noted.

Victor Kwashie Torgbenya, the Korluedor Circuit Supervision Officer of the West Ada District Education, witnessing the brief gesture, thanked Nene Agbasi Dzikunu Ackwerh III for his support for the school and requested more educational supports for the school.

Nene Agbasi Dzikunu Ackwerh III, through his spokesperson, Reverend Nathan Ackwerh, said his next major project is getting a decent bungalow at Hwakpo for the teaching staff who live outside the community, and he said he intended getting that done by the end of this year.

“My stool has other educational provisions to be made to the school from next term. I was just informed that the school has been disconnected from the national grid. I will do my best to get power restored to the school in a fortnight,” Nene Ackwerh III assured Hwakpo D/A Basic School.


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