Reward me for my hard work -John Boadu

The General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu, has pleaded with delegates to look at his experience and endorse him to continue with the good work he was doing for the party.

According to him, after going through the ranks – from Polling Station Chairman to General Secretary of the party – he now had enormous experience to lead to the party to win the 2024 elections.

Speaking to a group of journalists in Accra yesterday, John Boadu contended that he deserved another term, especially when almost all the members of the current National Executive Committee were moving out of office, or seeking new positions in the party.

To him, it would be suicidal for the NPP to side-line the only experienced hand they had on board, especially when the party would be going into the 2024 General Elections with a new presidential candidate, National Chairman, and National Organiser, amongst others.

Therefore, he said his decision to seek re-election as General Secretary was in the best interests of the NPP.

According to him, having laid the solid foundation in preparation for the 2024 General Elections, it was imperative not to bring an entirely new and relatively inexperienced team to lead the party in what promises to be the most difficult General Elections to be contested by the NPP, as it seeks to break the 8, which no political party had been able to do in the Fourth Republic.

“I am a person who delivers. I was given the opportunity twice to help the party in power and have done nothing less. I have done exactly that and even more excellently by restructuring the party. From where I sit, and per my records and experience, I am the best person for this position, going to 2024,” he added.

He called on the delegates to endorse experience and hard work to enable the party break the eight-year power shuffle between the two leading political parties.

He assured that if his mandate is renewed, he will lead the party to deliver a historic three-term victory come 2024.“If we have to win the 2024 election and break the eight, we need experience and hard work, and this is what I offer,” he said.

To be able to help “Break the 8”, he stated that someone like himself needs to steer the administration of the party for that purpose. Mr. Boadu said he has the “gravitas to match the NDC boot-for-boot”.

He said he had successfully fulfilled most of the promises he made when he campaigned for election as General Secretary in 2018.For instance, he said the needed arrangements had been put in place for the NPP ideological institute to take off and that the promise to revamp the party structures from the grassroots to national had been fulfilled.

By Wilhelmina Love Abananave 


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