Vote the best hands; don’t be blinded by mantras -Alan urges NPP delegates

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Alan Kwadwo Kyeramten, has urged the New Patriotic Party (NPP) delegates to vote for people or individuals who are devoted to the party and ready to fight for its success, as the members go to the polls to elect national officers this weekend.

“We should vote for the best hands that are able to manage the affairs of the party, and not be blinded by mantras, money, or anything that only brings transient satisfaction,” Mr. Kyerematen urged.

According to close friends of the Minister, his prayer was for the delegates to vote for executives so that members of the party could stand anywhere and beat their chests with pride.

Mr. Kyerematen, they disclosed, was not worried about who was elected, but the caliber of the people who would work to uplift the party, adding that, “the unity of the party must be guarded with all our heart and with all our might.”

For this reason, he had declared that he was ready to work with all those who would be elected by the rank and file of the party, “and will not forget the toil of those who may not emerge as victors in the elections.”

Mr. Kyerematen, according to sources, believes in the words of Woodrow Wilson, who said, “We cannot be separated in interest or divided in purpose. We stand together until the end.”

Mr. Kyerematen, the sources said, is doing all he can to unite the party for victory in the 2024 elections. This they said shows his level of respect for delegates and members of the party.

“Mr. Kyerematen in all his conversations has been sincere in his belief that wisdom is not in only one person’s head and therefore the collective decisions of all party members is what will make the NPP great at all times.”

Many have tipped Mr. Kyerematen as the next president of Ghana, and there are some delegates whose dream is just to interact with him and other leaders in person when they attend the congress.

“As a founding member, Mr. Kyerematen is more or less a parent of the party, his attachment to the party may not be like some of us who joined the party only some 18 years ago. His adult life has been largely devoted to serving the party, serving the Country and serving the world as a diplomat,” the sources said.


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