Eating ‘TuoZaafi’ everyday makes my girlfriend see me as loyal –Omar Sterling

A half of R2Bees duo, Omar Sterling has revealed that he cannot go a day without eating a staple food of the Northern Region, TuoZaafi.

The food which is made of maize dough and cassava is usuallyserved with a soup accompaniment is the favourite of the R2Bees Rapper. This according to him appeared strange to his girlfriend in the initial stages of their relationship but she has come to terms with it.

In his own words: “People see artistes as superhumans but they are just how everybody lives every day. It is the same way.”

“For instance, my every day is every morning koko (porridge) and afternoon TuoZaafi and evening something else. Everyday. Every afternoon I eat TuoZaafi,”

“My girlfriend is even tired but she says it means I am very loyal. TuoZaafi every day,” Omar Sterling further revealed.

He made this revelation in an interview on Hitz FM during a promotional interview of the duo’s new album ‘Back to Basics.’



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