Youth encouraged to acquire entrepreneurial skills

The Ghanaian youth, especially young graduates, have been encouraged to acquire entrepreneurial skills as a guarantee for employment in the job market, instead of relying on government for unavailable white colour jobs.

Mustapha Alhassan Badini, Chairman of Adansi-Mossi Youth Association made the call at the celebration of this year’s World Youth Day held in Obuasi.

According to him, is time the youth in Obuasi and its surrounding communities do not only depend on Anglogod Ashanti (AGA) for jobs to enable them make earns meet or cater for themselves and their families, but venture into acquisition of entrepreneurial skills to

enable them create their own jobs and own businesses.

This, he noted, would help them to employ other unemployed young men and women.

Alhaji Abdul Rahman, Chief of Mossi in the Adansi enclave also called on the youth to cultivate the habit of respecting their differences, irrespective of one’s geographical location, to ensure sustainable peace and development in their various communities and the country as a whole.

He noted that it is long overdue for  Dagomba, Waala, Mossi and other tribes to embrace each other and to  live together  in harmony by breaking all barriers of suspicion.

Alhaji Mohammed Yusif, chief of Mamprusi in the Adansi area, cautioned the youth not to allow politicians to always take advantage of them bydeceiving them to foment trouble before and during elections.

He stressed that the politicians lure the youth with tokens and food packs to help them to win political power only to abandon them after the elections.

The Mamprusi chief, therefore, entreated them to avoid being used by power-drunk politicians to perpetrate violence  at elections.


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