What an amazing General Secretary

Lawyer Justin Koduah, the current General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), is, indeed, an amazing man to have occupied this position.

Over the past weekend, the Guan District/Constituency lost their Women’s Organiser in the person of Vivian Quarcoe, who was buried at Lolobi Kumasi, her home town over the immediate past weekend.

Lawyer Justin Koduah arrived from the United Kingdom (UK) around 4:00am at the K.I.A. on Friday, 10th March 2023, and he quickly enroute to Lolobi immediately to attend the funeral of the late Constituency Women’s Organiser, scheduled for Saturday, 11th March 2023, arriving at Lolobi around 9:00am to the astonishment of many Guan Constituents -the first time a General Secretary of the NPP attended a funeral of a Women’s Organiser of the newest District/Constituency at the Oti Region.

This is a great development, which occurred at Lolobi, to have the General Secretary of the NPP to mourn with them – the constituents were highly motivated by this development and will, indeed, attract many more people to the party in this area.

Not only that, soon after the burial of Vivian, the General Secretary left Lolobi for another funeral engagement of another member of the NPP in the Ashanti Region.

What an indefatigable General Secretary and, indeed, a Marshall for the NPP. Who says with this General Secretary, coupled with the National Chairman, Stephen Ntim, who I have personally had interactions with and personally know over a few years, the NPP cannot break the eight in the midst of the current economic challenges.

With this singular development at Lolobi in the Oti Region over the last weekend, Lawyer Justin Koduah inspired the members of the NPP in this area, and I strongly believe that the activities of the NPP in the Guan District/Constituency will never remain the same.

I only hope and pray that both the Oti Regional executives and the constituency executives will learn useful lessons from this, and do things to bring the members of the party together in the region and the District/Constituency.

Lawyer Justin Koduah, more power to your elbows; your visit is going to inspire the people to work hard. Again, I hope such visitations of other national executives will inspire the people of this area. Thank you so much Marshall for mourning with the people of Guan. We are most grateful to you and will be perpetually grateful to you.

By Hayford D. Amanku


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