St. Louis College of Education admits 320 freshers

Matriculants in session at St. Louis College of Education

St. Louis College of Education in Kumasi has admitted 320 new students for the 2022/2023 Academic Year.

The Principal of the College, Madam Monica Konnie Mensah, who disclosed this at the Matriculation Ceremony on Friday, advised the matriculants and all other year groups to individually take pains to expend money to be versatile in typing on the computer and perform all necessary functions on it to enhance their research and studies.

She noted that in this digital age, any student who competes in an academic programme without mastering how to use the computer could best be described as “half-baked”.

She, therefore, encouraged them not to only study hard, but also to study smart.

The Principal reminded the students that they were genius and had the potential to learn and achieve remarkable results, as there were ways of learning and patterns of study that not only helped make them knowledgeable, but also increased their inherent intelligence.

She urged them to be skilled and fluent in acquiring knowledge and making it part of them.

Madam Konnie Mensah also reminded the students on the need to be a combination of three modes of learning of being a visual learner, auditory learner and a Kinesthetic learner which could be acquired from their tutors.

She entreated them to find a study place devoid of distractions and post a lot of positive messages around the space.

She reiterated the need for them to define their goals and objectives anytime they sit to learn, prepare their state of mind and body, and have a positive self-image to be able do it mentality.


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