Soldiers invade police facility, assault officer

Some officials of the Nigerian Navy reportedly invaded a police facility in Delta State, in the country’s south-south region, and assaulted a police officer, according to a clip posted on Twitter, Friday evening.

The incident happened at Enerhen police station, near Warri, according to the Twitter user who posted the video.

The one minute, 30 seconds clip showed the assaulted officer moving about restlessly inside the premises of the police station, surrounded by angry colleagues who were appealing to him to stay calm.

His face was bloodied and his police uniform partially torn.

“Kingsley, relax. Don’t take laws into your hands,” a voice from the video background could be heard shouting.

“Make una leave me,” the assaulted officer said with a shrug, as he pulled off his shirt and hastened towards the gate, apparently to go after the naval officials who allegedly assaulted him.

The clip briefly showed him stepping out of the gate, before the camera quickly panned to where some armed naval officials stood a few meters away from the gate of the police premises.

“Una own don finished! Una own don finished! Una own don finished! The background voice in the clip kept saying, while rebuking the action of the naval officials.

“Una come beat police for police station. New bastard navy, beating police in the police station.”

The camera moved closer to a naval official who appeared to be making a phone call, and then quickly panned to another scene where a police officer fiercely took on one of the naval officials.

“No let-am go-o. Make dem no let-am go,” the background voice shouted. “Bring my tear gas, bring my tear gas.”

The clip ended abruptly with a sound of footsteps, as if someone was hurrying away – maybe to go fetch the tear gas for the officer who was shouting in the video background.

PREMIUM TIMES was unable to find out what may have caused the incident as at the time of filing this report.



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