Pramso chief sues Assemblyman for mobilising funds for community development 

Frank Owusu Sekyere, Assembly member of the Pramso Electoral area in the Bosomtwe district has been dragged to the Kuntanase District Court.

His crime is his attempts to mobilize funds in a bid to help complete a seemingly abandoned Community centre project.

The chief of Pramso, Nana Gyampon-Tuah II, the plaintiff believing that the rules of the court permit his application, is seeking an injunction to restrain the defendant Assemblyman and his assigns from having anything to do with the Pramso Community centre project.

He claims that the Pramso Community Centre project was handed over to him on his enstoolment six years ago following financial constraints the original financiers, who were resident in Canada, faced then.

The chief avers that in March this year the defendant caused an announcement to be made that an appeal for funds in aid of the Community Centre project is to be organized on July 27, 2024.

The plaintiff is objecting to the initiative of the Assemblyman because he (Assemblyman) had not sought any permission from him (chief) or consulted him as the custodian of the community neither was he involved in the development programmes drawn by the assemblyman.

In an affidavit in support of his  claims, Nana Gyanpong-Tuah  contends  that the Community Centre project was  entrusted in his care since 2018 as the custodian of properties  belonging to the community claiming he is the chief  and undertakes  and  supervises   such projects  and that  the Assemblyman has no right  unless permission is sought.

As a result, the chief  considers the conduct of the Assemblyman not to see reason with him as gross disregard of his authority as the traditional head of the community hence the injunction to restrain the defendant from developing the community centre project.


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