Police assure confidentiality -urges public to support crime combat

Superintendent Prince Asante Debrah, the Dormaa West District Police Commander has assured of the confidentiality of informants and urged the public to support the Police to combat crime, as Election 2024 gathers momentum.

He said the Police would not spare, but sanction personnel and officers who expose the identities of informants to third parties and urged the public to maintain their confidence and support the police to weed out criminals.

Supt Debrah gave the assurance when speaking at an engagement meeting on prevention and containing violent extremism organised by the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), with support from the European Union at Nkrankwanta, the District capital.
It was aimed at creating a platform for the Police and other security agencies to dialogue and build public trust in fighting crime and violent extremism in the area.

Supt Debrah said violent extremist groups or individuals might impose their political, religious, racial and tribal beliefs to achieve their sinister motives, saying radicals adopted the use of technology and social media to recruit youth and other vulnerable groups.

He said it was the reason why the police require the support of the public to identify and weed out these extremists from society.
Supt Debrah said it was, therefore, necessary for everybody to be on the watch and assist law enforcement agencies to preserve the prevailing peace of the district and protect lives and property.

He noted that violent extremists enticed people with many juicy promises just to brainwash, recruit, indoctrinate and use them as conduits to achieve their objectives.
Mr Francis Kwadwo Oppong, the Dormaa West District Chief Executive, appealed to people or complainants who report cases to the police to follow up on those cases to aid the Police investigations and ensure that justice is delivered.

He said the lack of readiness, commitment and unwillingness on the part of complainants to follow up on cases was impeding efforts to control or combat crime in the area and warned the people against imposing capital punishment on suspected criminals.

Madam Christiana Boadi Anima, the Bono Regional Director of the NCCE observed that cultural disposition has had negative influences on children, thereby making some of them timid and shy to demand answers to critical questions in governance, and even in the family settings.

She said it was imperative that the peace of the area was safeguarded for the execution of government policies and programmes, and advised political parties and actors to refrain from using the youth as a conduit to perpetrate political violence.

Nana Rockson Mensah, the Dwantoahene (sub-chief) of Nkrankwanta, stressed the need for the people to sustain the prevailing peace of the area.
Mr Emmanuel Attah, the Dormaa West District Director of the NCCE explained that the engagement was aimed at enhancing, building and strengthening relationships, as well as improving collaboration between the security agencies and the community people in fighting violent extremism. GNA


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