New Paramount Chief for Mo Traditional Area

Nana Kwaku Danquah III has been confirmed Paramount Chief of the Mo Traditional Area in the Bono East Region to end 22 years of a chieftaincy dispute,  succeeding Nana Kwaku Dimpo II, who ruled for 50 years before his demise.

The current development follows the intervention of the National Peace Council and collaborated by some chiefs and eminent people to help resolve the dispute among the Pago, Leera and Danquah gates.

For some time, the Peace Council made efforts to help the Leera Family to produce a candidate to meet the Danquah Family to choose a legitimate occupant, but to no avail.

For peace, stability, development and progress to prevail, the Peace Council advised that the king makers install Nana Kwaku Danquah III as the Paramount Chief of Mo Traditional Area.

In September 2014, the Danquah Gate nominated Nana Kwaku Danquah to ascend the Mo Stool as the Paramount Chief, but that was disputed in court.

Following the intervention of the Peace Council, the mantle fell on the Danquah Family to uphold the choice of Nana Kwaku Danquah.

It was gathered that 73 years ago, the stool shifted from the Danquah Royal Family to the Pago Family, hence, it was proper that the Danquah Family assumed the stool again, after the Leera Family had failed to produce a candidate in 15 years.

Nana Kwaku Danquah III has since March this year been gazetted and subsequently introduced to the Bono East Regional House of Chiefs on April 7, this year.

Nana Kwaku Danquah III, while meeting the media at his residence at Kintampo last week, appealed to all the parties involved in the dispute to unite and work towards the development of the Mo Traditional Area.

He pledged his commitment to work with all chiefs, the Member of Parliament, and the District Chief Executive in the traditional area to ensure total peace in the Kintampo Municipality to woo investors to the area.



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