KMA fails to rid Kumasi of stray animals

The invasion of stray animals on the streets of Kumasi and its environs appears to have come to stay, as the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) has failed to confront the menace head on.

As Kumasi attains international recognition on the global aviation map, following the commissioning of the Prempeh I International Airport, one might have thought the KMA, under the leadership of Kumasi Mayor Sam Pyne, will also curb the nuisance being caused by the animals, but that has not happened.

The Chronicle has observed for some time now that Kumasi has been battling the canker of stray animals in areas such as Fante New-Town, Asafo, Akwatialine, Anloga Junction, Asem, Yalewa Zongo and Airport Roundabout among others.

This reporter also observed that farm animals are seen walking in the middle of the road, as they graze on the grasses found in the median of these roads.

It is instructive to also state that they are sometimes seen easing on roads, producing foul smell and threatening public health.

Some of the animals, who are unwell, are seen with flies hovering around them, a development which threatens public health. These animals sometime pose security challenge to the residents of the city.

About a decade ago, a mad cattle herd attacked a poor woman on the Asafo Kumasi-Accra highway. She was rushed to St Edwards Clinic for medical attention.

In another instance, a teacher at the Asem Boys School was attacked by a cow, injuring him and he later died

Some for the residents at Asem expressed worry about stray cattle from Yalewa Zongo, under the watch of the KMA.

They alleged that they panic anytime they come into contact with these herds of Cattle. According to the worried residents of Asem, this challenge has been in existence for far too long but the authorities appear not to pay attention to it.

Speaking with the assembly member for Asem electoral area, where straying cattle is rife, Kwabena Serebour, he confirmed the challenge to The Chronicle.

According to him, they have had meetings with Yalewa Zongo concerning the movement of the animals.

Serebour describes the stray animal challenge as cumbersome and worrying, adding that they sometimes struggle to find owners of the animals when impounded because people do not assist the exercise.  He also expressed worry about the lack of places to house these animals when impounded.


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