KETASCO ’97 Year Group launches 25th Anniversary

The 1997 year group of the Keta Senior Secondary School has officially launched its Silver Jubilee anniversary, which is scheduled to be held in March, next year.

Addressing the gathering in Accra on Wednesday, this week, the president of the 97 year group, Kplorm Dovlo, stated that next year would mark 25 years after his badge completed secondary school, and as a result, his year group will refurbish the computer lab to commemorate the occasion.

He added that it was part of the reason that they launched it (project) early, so they can get sponsorship to accomplish the project.

The Headmaster of the institution, Isaac Dzidzienyo, on his part, said the school has made significant progress over the years, particularly in terms of physical infrastructure, student numbers and academic and non-academic performance.

“The school in 59 years of its existence has nurtured powerful human resources for the nation and the world for that matter, and they have been phenomenal, disciplined and hardworking, which have been built in all the students”, he said.

He continued that the school, which began with fewer than twenty students on February 27, 1953 presently has roughly 3,677 students with 1,954 boys and the rest females.

He emphasised that one major area of achievement is the rekindled spirit of supports from the past students in the progress of the school.

The Chairman of the Planning Committee for the project, Gilbert Doodo, in his presentation on the project of the group said it has become necessary for the group to pay attention to the computer lab, which is in a deplorable state.

Thus, with the wind of digitisation sweeping across the country and the COVID-19 impact on peoples’ lives, it is vital that they engage their time and money in revamping teaching and learning in the school.

He also congratulated students of Ketasco for raising the flag of the School high in the National Maths and Science Quiz. Therefore, as silver jubilee celebrants, we take up the challenge to refurbish the school’s computer lab by installing local area networks and connect it to  government’s free internet access so that the students can do research online.”



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