Modern private hospital constructed in Ho

A new medical health facility, Fountain Medical Services (FMS) has been inaugurated in Ho to bridge the gap between critical health provision to the people of the Volta and the Oti Regions.

The FMS vision and mission is for the two regions in particular and Ghanaians in general is to provide holistic healthcare accessibility and special healthcare services that would prevent people in the two regions from travelling long distances to Accra before they could benefit from critical healthcare services.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FMS, Dr Anthony Kobla Kpetsey, who made this known at the inaugural ceremony of the facility, said it would deploy cutting edge technology in healthcare, by providing excellent healthcare in the regions and to Ghanaians in general.

Dr Kpetsey stressed that the facility would ensure that clients derive quality healthcare through the use of medicine, exercise and regular health education that would keep the people healthy at all times. He added that FMS management had short and medium term goals of providing quality but affordable healthcare in the areas of eye care, wound care with the state-of the art hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

He said general consultation, dialysis services and laboratory services were part of the short term and that the medium goal was to add obstetrics, gynaecology, maternity and paternity wards and roll out dialysis services across the country.

According to Dr Kpetsey  the management of the facility also aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle through education to keep people out of the hospital and ensured that those who needed special care had been taken care of, including developing an end stage kidney failure, saying having a wound that is not healing should not necessarily result in amputation.

Dr Kpatsey also said visual impairment should no longer deny people access to quality of life and promised that FMS had modern equipment to deal with emerging health challenges of society.

A Supreme Court Judge, His Lordship Justice Ernest Gaewu, called on workers at the new health facility to be more dedicated to their work to ensure accelerated growth of the facility. He observed that many private sector institutions had collapsed due to the attitudes, actions and inactions of workers.

His Lordship Justice Gaewu said there are hundreds of unemployed youths looking for jobs in the country, but unfortunately when they were employed, these workers normally adopt negative attitudes towards work by either absenting themselves, reporting late to work or at times stealing equipment.

He, therefore, called on the youth to change their attitudes towards work whenever they are employed because businesses would only engage serious workers who would work hard to generate more profit that would sustain the company to develop.

The Chief of Ho –Bankoe, Togbe Dzomatsi, commended Dr Kpetsey for his vision that led to the establishment of the facility, which he was confident would provide quality healthcare in the Ho municipality and stressed the need for affordable services to clients.


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