I will not rest until NPP annexes Asawase seat; Kennedy Kankam

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the Asokore-Mampong Assembly, Kennedy Kwasi Kankam has assured NPP delegates in the Asawasi constituency that he would not rest until he works to wrestle the Asawase Parliamentary seat from the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC. The MCE emphasized that the NPP is on a mission and that until the mission of annexing the Asawase Parliamentary seat from the NDC is accomplished he cannot sleep.

“I will not sleep until the Asawase seat is converted to the NPP,” he told delegates at the constituency elections at Asokore Mampong on Sunday. The former Nhyiaeso lawmaker said research from his seven months of experience as MCE had revealed that the NPP dominates the NDC in the Asawase Constituency but because of disunity among the NPP, it has always lost the seat to the NDC.

Mr. Kankam reminded the delegates that the NPP cannot win the Asawase seat if they continue to be divided and called for unity among the delegates and members of the party to unite to win massively in the 2024 elections. MCE Kankam cautioned against any form of disturbances in the Asokore

He advised NPP sympathizers not to fall victim to the law because he would not relent in prescribing appropriate sanctions against all those who flout the law.

Meanwhile, the 1,050 delegates maintained Mr. M. D. Moro (472 votes), Mr. Nap (331 votes), and Saeed (471 votes) as the constituency chairman, Secretary, and Nasara Coordinator respectively. Other elected executives for the Asawase constituency are Mr. Noah (572 votes) first Vice-chairman; Zakaria Seidu (485 votes), Second Vice-chairman; Adam Amar (607 votes) Assistant Secretary; and Rasheed (574 votes) Organiser.

The rest are Mohammed Ibrahim alias JIGA (591 votes) Youth Organiser; Maa Janet (626 votes) Women’s Organiser; and Mr. Gyimah (478 votes as Treasurer.


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