Greece to construct basketball court for St. Nicholas Foundation School

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias has announced plans to finance the construction of a basketball court for the St. Nicholas Foundation School, which is supported by donations from Greeks.

The Minister made the announcement during a visit to the school, his second, in the last two years and suggested the basketball court be named after “Giannis Antetokounmpo”.

“When I come again, I would be very proud to see you playing basketball on that court,” he said to cheers from the students of the school.

During the visit Mr. Dendias was welcomed by a display from the school naval cadet, poetry recitations in the Greek language and cultural dances.

“Well, I have to say that St. Nicholas for us, for the Greek government, for the Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis is something very important,” the Minister said.

He lauded the huge contributions of the Tsakos Foundation and Mytilineos to the growth of St. Nicholas.

Mr. Dendias also congratulated Mrs Eleazar for her dedication and vision in progressing and maintaining the school, especially with Hellenic influence and culture.

“It is extremely important, extremely important, in Africa which is the fastest growing continent in the world, to have a good education. And what we are trying to do, dear Fathers, is not to change reality but just to set a small example.”

“What is important is that it comes deep from everybody’s heart,” he added.

In a welcoming address, Madam Deborah Eleazar, of Tsakos Shipping London and a Founding Trustee, said the progress of the school and the success chalked could not have been possible without support from donors and trustees.

She acknowledged the immense assistance of the Tsakos family and Foundation in honour of the beloved daughter, Maria Tsakos as seen in the continued support given in the running of the school and providing food.

“We also have been extremely grateful for the support given by Mytilyneos building projects throughout the school as well as the Hon consul of Greece in Ghana, Mrs Marianna Gavriel.”

She said the children had taken much from their Hellenic studies, both ancient and modern, and have received an all-round education.

“The Greek culture has much to teach the children of today, and each child at the school has in someway been helped by the Hellenic vision. Crew members, colleagues, family and friends throughout Greece and the diaspora have helped at many different levels,” Madam Eleazar said.

“The visit by the minister and his delegation is continued proof of the cooperation and understanding that exists in our efforts to honour Greece,” she added.

Miss Lawrencia Kemavor, one of the first graduates of the school, praised the support from sponsors and the joy of being able to complete school had brought to their families.

“We have learned much, and we are so grateful to all the sponsors worldwide and all they have done, allowing us to reach this point. It is a magnificent school with many opportunities,” she said.

“We wish to say to all Greek people around the world that we have learned much from the Greek culture, both ancient and modern, and we believe it has helped us in having an all-round education,” Miss Kemavor added.

Madam Eleazar presented to the Minister a traditional Ghana stool which displays the symbol of unity.

St. Nicholas opened its doors in February 2012 through the total dedication of Deborah Eleazar and Captain ALKIVIADIS KAPPAS and continues to flourish and grow at a steady pace for the benefit of the local community in Tema New Town.

They are helped by other wonderful Trustees Mr. Andreas Bisbas, Mrs. Elizabeth Dutton, Capt Barry Hedges, Mrs. Vivienne King, Mr. Ivan Quashigah and Professor Dodoo.

There have also been support from other Greek companies under the Efthymiadis family Leon and Lotus Shipping.


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