‘Gov’t must address rising youth unemployment challenge’

The new Kumasi Diocesan Bishop of the Methodist Church, Ghana, Right Rev Stephen K. Owusu, has urged the government to address the youth unemployment problem because it poses   security challenge to Ghana.

“There are some who left the university six years ago and are still unemployed,” he said, adding that the crimes among the youth are on ascendency, a development he attributed to frustration.

“The entire nation must come together to find a solution to this canker. A time has come for us to have a critical look at our educational curriculum. It is believed that the effort of the government to give attention to the TVET and the STEM may be the way forward.

“I also want to urge the government to give meaning to the slogan: the Private Sector is the Engine of growth by equipping and resourcing  the private sector for the rapid growth of our economy and ensure that the right environment is created to engage more unemployed youth”, he said.

Bishop Stephen K. Owusu was speaking at the official opening of the 61st Synod of the Kumasi Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana in Kumasi recently. The event was themed “Discipleship: Living the transformed life in Jesus Christ.” Romans 12:1-2.

He is the sixth Bishop of the Diocese since Methodist Church Ghana adopted episcopacy.

He reiterated the unflinching stand of the Methodist Church Ghana against LGBTQI+, saying the act is against the scripture!

According to the Methodist prelate, LGBTQI+ is at odds with the tenets of Christianity and must be rejected.

“May I take this opportunity to reiterate our stand as Methodist Church Ghana, Kumasi Diocese that we do not accept these practices and would like to condemn it in no uncertain terms.”

The LGBTQI+ practice, according to the Methodist prelate is against the scripture, which is the word of God and since the Methodist Church Ghana is a Bible believing Church, they will never accept this practice because they know and are convinced that it is an “abomination in the sight of God”.

Right Rev. Stephen K. Owusu subsequently asked the youth not to allow themselves to beswayed into the web of LGBTQI+ act, which is sinful and shameful in the sight of God.

“We would, therefore, humbly request that especially the youth not be lured into this shameful practice.”

Bishop K.Owusu told the gathering that the LGBTQI+ is an issue, which has engage global attention in recent years, revealing that the presiding Bishop, the Most Rev. Dr. Paul Boafo, has stated unequivocally the stand of the Methodist Church, Ghana on this issue.

“His comments on this became very pertinent, when the conference of the Methodist Church in UK and their rank divided on the issue and therefore engaged the attention of the media and the entire nation here in Ghana.”

According the Methodist Diocesan Bishop of Kumasi the Presiding Bishop rightly condemned and disassociated himself and the Methodist Church Ghana from that confusion which had erupted in United Kingdom (U.K) conference .Bishop Stephen K. Owusu asserted that although both conferences bear the name Methodist, they are distinct from each other.


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