Chief Justice inaugurates Odotobiri District Court

The Chief Justice (CJ), Justice Anin Yeboah, has commissioned a court house at Amansie Central (Odotobiri) with an assurance that the government was doing its best to bring justice closer to the people.

Justice Anin Yeboah disclosed that with the support of the government, the Judiciary would make the deplorable state of the existing physical infrastructure, as well as obsolete equipment and technology for the operations of the courts a thing of the past.

Chief Justice Anin Yeboah being assisted by Mr. Emmanuel Akwasi Gyamfi (MP for Odotobiri) and Simon Osei-Mensah to cut the tape to commission the Odot

In support of the above, the CJ indicated that concrete measures had been instituted to fix, first and foremost, the infrastructure and human resources deficits in the Judiciary to improve efficiency and enrich their dedication processes.

These, among others, according to Justice Anin Yeboah, were geared towards providing an enabling environment for access to justice, the rule of law, and speedy administration of justice to thrive.

These reforms, he disclosed, seek to remove the barrier of distance, which impacted negatively on justice delivery with the construction and creation of new courts. “We are bringing justice closer to the doorsteps of the people of Ghana.”

Justice Anin Yeboah underscored that under the 1992 Constitution, the Judicial Service was mandated in administering justice through the courts, and today, Ghana stood on the threshold of a new beginning, as the nation was poised to relegate to history the era in which inadequate courts were hampering justice delivery.

The District Chief Executive Officer for Amansie Central (Odotobiri), Mr. Michael Donkor, leading the government delegation to greet the traditional authorities present at the function

He told the audience: “With the support of government, we will together make the deplorable state of existing physical infrastructure, as well as obsolete equipment and technology for the operations of the court, a thing of the past.”

The CJ expressed appreciation to the President, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, and the administration of the District Assemblies Common Fund for ensuring regular funding support for these nationwide projects.

He also thanked nananom (Chiefs) for providing land for the construction of the court house.

On the role of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in supporting for befitting courts in their respective areas, the CJ revealed that, under the Local Governance Act 2016 Act 936, metropolitan, municipal, and district assemblies were obliged to ensure ready access to courts in the districts for the promotion of justice, adding that in other words, the provision of justice, court houses and accommodation for judges and magistrates was the responsibility of the MMDAs.

On his part, the Ashanti Regional Minister, Mr. Simon Osei-Mensah, in his opening remarks, said that the foundation of any democratic system hung on the Rule of Law.

To Osei-Mensah, the Jacobu court house was the fifteen the CJ had inaugurated in the Ashanti Region, after the one in Adansi Asokwa in the last three months, reminding Ghanaians that there could not be a good rule of law system without a formidable and well-resourced judiciary.

Stakeholders having a look at the plaque, which was unveiled by the Chief Justice Anin Yeboah

He subsequently lauded the CJ for being a pace setter with a shining example for others to emulate, adding that the CJ was now constructing more than 100 court house across Ghana, and that the Ashanti Region was a major beneficiary.

He commended the Member of Parliament (MP) for Jacobu, Emmanuel Akwasi Gyamfi, whom he said had played a significant role in allocating court projects across the country.

Emmanuel Akwasi Gyamfi, disclosed that the infrastructural reforms initiated in the Judicial Service by the CJ had been underpinned by  the District Assemblies Common Fund.

According to Akwasi Gyamfi, about 120 court infrastructures were being construction across the country, out of which over seventy had been completed, adding that Amansie Central was a beneficiary of such largess.

He added that the court house was not only facility that had been put up, but it came along with residential accommodation for the judge.

The Odotobiri MP expressed appreciation to President Akufo-Addo, through the CJ. and Administrator of the District Assembly Common Fund, Naa Torshio Addo, who supported the initiative.

The District Chief Executive Officer for Amansie Central (Odotobiri), Mr. Michael Donkor, addressing the audience

He lauded the government for the construction of the Appeals Court residential accommodation complex for judges at Kumasi, describing it as a beautiful project.

The District Assembly Common Fund, according to Akwasi Gyamfi, was supporting the construction of high court buildings, adding that it was also supporting the Amansie Central Assembly in many other forms.

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Odotobiri, Michael Donkor, earlier noted that the new Odotobiri Court symbolised justice and fairness in Amansie Central and beyond.

Donkor stated that the court house would be an arena where disputes would be resolved and justice served, adding that it represented growth and progress in Odotobiri.

The DCE indicated that the court was a place where individuals could seek redress for wrongs done to them, and where the guilty would be punished.

He continued that the court was a reminder of civility and respect in the legal profession, and that it was essential for members of the bar to act with professionalism and integrity at all times.

According to him, the court house was a testament of the hard work of the CJ, Office of the Judicial Secretary, Office of the Administrator of the District Assembly Common Fund, and the Office of the Member of Parliament for Odotobiri, who had worked tiressly to bring the court building to fruition.

Touching on the Judiciary, he noted that was an essential pillar in society, and that it was through their hard work that Ghana could maintain a just and fair legal system.

He appealed to the CJ to consider converting the newly-built court house to a Circuit Court to serve the people in the district and other adjoining communities.

Michael Donkor urged residents of Odotobiri and beyond to respect the court’s decisions and work towards a system that promoted justice and fairness for all.

In a message read on behalf of the Paramount Chief of Bekwai by Nana Opoku Ababio, he expressed appreciation to the government, through the Chief Justice.

Opoku Ababio urged the residents of Jacobu to welcome judgements of the court .This, he said, would help them to stop engaging in foul activities.

He added his voice to the elevation of the newly-inaugural court to a circuit level to facilitate justice delivery in Odotobiri.

The traditional leader disclosed to the CJ that, the judge who used to be at Jacobu told them she was going to undertake a course and had not come back, and owing to this challenge, justice delivery had been affected.

Nana Ababio, therefore, appealed to CJ to provide them with a magistrate and circuit court judge for the two courts to be efficiently operational.


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