Ashaiman is not your training ground -Residents to GAF

Opinion leaders and some residents of Ashaiman have vehemently condemned the heinous torture some personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) visited on over 700 residents in parts of the community on Tuesday morning.

The armed military personnel stormed Tulaku, Taifa, Official Town and Valco Flat, all suburbs of Ashaiman, on a rainy Tuesday morning to avenge the murder of Imoro Sheriff, one of their colleagues who was allegedly attacked and murdered at Taifa.

Imoro Sheriff was given an Islamic interment on Thursday.

The main cause of the murder is not yet known. Meanwhile, the police have launched investigations into the murder of the 22-year-old young soldier.

At a presser yesterday morning at Taifa, Emmanuel Kumadey, a lawyer and spokesperson for the community, after conveying messages of condolence to the family of the dead soldier, whose parents are residents of Zongo Laka, also a suburb of Ashaiman, he quickly condemned the unprofessional raiding of people’s homes by the military personnel and brutalised over 700 innocent residents.

Mr Kumadey said some of the victims of the military brutality were dragged from their rooms and under their beds, “and as I speak, 400 victims were held at the Burma Camp. Constantly and persistently, the Ghana Armed Forces have taken Ashaiman as their training ground, where they unleash violence on innocent citizens with impunity.

“But a line in our National Anthem urges us to resist the oppressors’ rule. Ashaiman has suffered a lot of military brutalities and we say enough is enough.”

Emmanuel Kumadey called on President Akufo-Addo to publicly condemn the brutalities the military visited on Ashaiman and also order the immediate release of the victims in military custody.

Similarly, he said the President should set up a committee to investigate the brutalities by the military and punish the culprits for their undemocratic actions.

Last but not least, Emmanuel Kumadey said: “The President must direct the Minister for Defence to pay adequate compensations to the victims of the military brutalities and fix the lights on the streets of the municipality, because the murder of the soldier happened in a dark area.”


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