Alajo celebrates 2022 Homowo in peace

Gbese Mantse, Nii Ayi-Bonte II (right) sitting in state with Alajo Chief, Nii Armah Ajoor II (left)

Over the weekend, the chiefs and people of Alajo, in the Ayawaso Central Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, exhibited what has been described as a spectacular day of tradition.

They celebrated their Homowo with a series of traditional rites.

Key among them was the sprinkling of the traditional food, Kpekple, to hoot at hunger and other fun-packed activities.

Patrons of the main celebration, which took place last Saturday at the Alajo palace, were enthused about the orderliness with which the celebration took place.

Though the Ghana Police Service were present to provide security, they barely acted beyond the usual directing of traffic, with some of them sitting idle.


In the morning of Saturday, the Adontenhene of the Ga State, the Gbese Mantse, Nii (Dr) Ayi-Bonte II, visited the Alajo palace, which falls under his jurisdiction, to perform some rites, culminating in the sprinkling of Kpekple.

Amidst drumming and dancing, he, together with his entourage, after libation had been poured on the junction leading to the Alajo palace, walked for about 500 metres to the palace, while receiving greetings and pleasantries from the residents.

At the Alajo palace, he was received by the Alajo chief, Nii Armah Ajoor II, following which the Gbese Mantse addressed the people who had gathered, before moving to perform the rites that allowed for the sprinkling of the Kpekple.


In his brief remarks, the Gbese Mantse, Nii Ayi-Bonte II, encouraged the people of Alajo to continue to have faith in the Alajo chief, Nii Armah Ajoor II.

According to him, the Alajo chief has the authority to adjudicate all disputes and other matters regarding the area, so the people should not be worried.

The Gbese Mantse announced that since Abelenkpe currently does not have a chief, he has appointed the Alajo chief as the caretaker chief for the people of  the area.

He urged the people of Abelenkpe to resort to the Alajo chief when the need arises and not come to him.


Addressing the media on the theme for this year’s celebration, the Alajo chief, Nii Armah Ajoor II, stressed the need for unity in Alajo, as a vehicle to promote the development of the area.

He indicated that it was when the people come together as one that they would be able to channel their energies for the betterment of Alajo, not only for the present generation, but for the next generation too.

Alajo Chief, Nii Armah Ajoor II sprinkling the kpekple

He touched on some developments that Alajo has seen in his two-year reign, which he said includes a 7km road project and an Astroturf football field. He added that when the people come together, more developments would happen.

He said there have been free health insurance registration and free health screening, as part of activities marking this year’s Alajo Homowo festival.


Kpeple, also known as Kpopoi, is a kind of food eaten by Gas during the celebration of Homowo festival. It is prepared with the primary ingredients of steamed and fermented corn meal, palm nut soup, and smoked fish.During the celebration, the chief of the area goes around sprinkling the food to signify the end of hunger.

For the first time after being enstooled as chief of Alajo, Nii Armah Ajoor II was authorized on Saturday to sprinkle Kpekple.

In an interview with the Asafoatse (chief warrior), Kofi Apetrepe II of Dadeban Naa Otublohum, to shed light on the development, he explained that as tradition demands, it is the Gbese Mantse that could give that authorization for the chief to sprinkle the Kpekple.

He noted that over the past two years before Nii Armah Ajoor II was enstooled, the Gyasihene had been sprinkling the Kpekple


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