Yul Edochie’s first wife, May, officially files for divorce

Yul Edochie unveiled Judy Austin as his second wife in April 2022 after they welcomed a son. Since the announcement, they have continuously been on the social media radar for one controversy or the other.

After keeping calm through the controversies and the death of their son, his first wife, May Edochie, has finally taken legal action against the duo.

On Tuesday, a law firm, DPA Family Clinic, disclosed the legal charges Mrs Edochie is filing against Yul and his second wife.

A statement written by one of its Legal practitioners, Emeka Ugwuonye, on their official Facebook page titled “Yul Edochie situation: Understanding the reality of it” revealed more about Yul and Judy’s controversial union.

Mr Ugwuonye wrote, “To avoid doubts, May Yul-Edochie filed a divorce petition against Yul. She also filed against Judy as a party cited, asking for N100 million (equivalent to 130,208.40) in damages against Judy for adultery with her husband.”

“Make no mistake about it: Yul and Judy are NOT husband and wife and can not be so until Yul and May are divorced. It is a combination of delusion and absurdity for the two to call themselves husband and wife yet,” he added.

The legal practitioner further revealed that Mrs Edochie is represented in court by Femi Falana’s Firm and Eculaw Group, while DPA plays the support role.

In the statement, Mr Ugwuonye revealed that Yul and his second wife received copies of the suit papers, which means they are aware of the lawsuit against them.

However, the duo is said to be avoiding the service of the process despite their awareness.

The legal practitioner also disclosed that the court bailiff tried many times to serve them following the court rules, but they evaded the service of the court process.

Source: premiumtimesng.com


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