Gazing @ Ladies’ Beads Can Prolong Men’s Lives … Says CEO of KAMA Group

Dr Michael Agyekum Addo, CEO of KAMA Group of Companies

The Nkabomhene (Unity Chief) of the New Juaben Traditional Area and the Chief Executive Officer of KAMA Group of Companies, Dr Michael Agyekum Addo, says men who gaze at beads on the waists of women can have their lives prolonged.

According to him, kidney diseases among our forefathers were not as rampant as it is today, because the beads on the waists of their wives were enough to arouse their sexual desires. Unfortunately, the Pharmacist cum entrepreneur continued, most of our women of today have stopped wearing beads that will stimulate their husbands to have sex with them.

In order to restore their conjugal rights, some of the men, he noted, have resorted to the intake of aphrodisiacs to increase their sex drive, but the drug could potentially damage one’s kidney if the person over indulged in it.

Dr Michael Agyekum Addo was speaking at a town hall meeting in Koforidua on Tuesday, this week, to discuss neglected tropical diseases.

The KAMA CEO said if the men are no more using aphrodisiacs because of the natural beads stimulation, their kidneys will be protected and subsequently prolong their lives.

He has, therefore, advised ladies to go back to the tradition they have abandoned and start wearing beads in the interest of their marriages and that of their husbands.

Nana Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo is an accomplished entrepreneur who has footprint in the pharmaceutical industry in Ghana.

He received his education from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy and proceeded to study for his Master’s Degree in Industrial Management from the same university.

Dr. Agyekum Addo started his journey by operating a pharmaceutical shop in Kumasi in 1983. He has also established the Kama Education Project, which trains teachers to make entrepreneurs out of students from a young age.

He has also written a number of books with the goal of instilling the ‘can- do’ attitude in the younger generation.


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