Youth organisation intensifies beach cleaning

Youth climate leaders in a group picture

A youth organisation striving towards resolving climatic situations for our planet here in Ghana has been doing beach cleaning exercises in Cape Coast for over two years.

Fridays For Future Ghana, in partnership with Soy Africa and Get Connected, has been doing its part in keeping the coastlines of Ghana clean.

“When I’m around water, I instantly go into a meditative state; I feel this boost of creativity, that is why I find it very important that the beaches and the ocean are clean,” said Micaiah Beausoleil, Co-Founder of Fridays For Future Ghana.

Fridays For Future Ghana has brought together over 200 people for its initiative to cleans beaches in the country clean.

They have sorted and separated tonnes of trash and successfully convened a few youth conferences, with the most recent at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra.

Beaches play an essential role in the ecosystem and in mitigating climate change. Some birds and terrestrial wildlife depend on beaches for their survival.

“This initiative creates an opportunity for the large-scale rehabilitation of our beaches. My goal is to see all young people become protectors of the environment, and stewards of the land, he said.

Fridays for Future Ghana, together with climate action organisations, Soy Africa, Get Connected, and climate activists Rukiya Khamis, Gloria Equiyah Agyare and Portia Mensah at their recent forum, discussed getting decision-makers and stakeholders in Ghana to ban single-use plastics.

Single-use plastic products are used once, or for a short period, before being thrown away.

The impacts of this plastic waste on the environment and our health are global and can be drastic.

Single-use plastic products are more likely to end up in our seas than reusable options

The youth summit ran for about three hours where participants shared ideas, research they have discovered and any progress that they have made.

“It’s good for the youth to come together and tackle issues like this, there is no better use of our time than defending our planet,” Justice Gad, Founder of Soy Africa, commented.

During the youth summit, elders from the community came to show support and gave some feedback.

The youth climate leaders are positioning an agenda so that Ghana’s leaders could implement rules and regulations concerning single-use plastics like using tote bags in the market and reusable water bottles instead of sachets.


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