Your Thoughts in this Season

An idea that occurs suddenly in your mind sums up to make up your thoughts as an individual. A season such as this has caused our scope of thinking to widen up since we are almost always to ourselves. Thoughts form part of human life as we are all prone to thinking about our decisions made in life. A self evaluation test done on yourself would reveal the specific things you think about personally, the ideas that sum up in our minds and how best we put our positive thoughts into something significant to benefit ourselves and those around us. In speaking about thoughts there can be both positive and negative thoughts that can sum up in an individuals mind. Can you take a minute and ask yourself these, “What am I mostly thinking about? Are my thoughts healthy for my growth? Are my thoughts going to affect my progress in life? Are my thoughts going to grow me?

A Valuable idea that comes to mind during your days of thinking must be written down in order not to loose the concept of that idea, let’s pay particular attention to our positive thoughts, most of them are great ideas that can take ones life to the next level once they’re worked on. Pay attention to your thoughts, once you think deeper into greater ideas that will be relevant for your future your zeal towards getting productive work done is revived. With our negative thoughts also we must flush them out of our brains, those thoughts that get you thinking, you’re not worth it, you can do nothing and that your current situation is  the end of your life on earth, Flush them out and speak positivity for your own life, our thoughts rule us and direct us towards what to do individually ,once we focus on the negatives and don’t flush them out through prayer and reassuring ourselves of Gods perfect word concerning our lives, these negative thoughts will weaken us and render us unproductive and giving up on life totally. Your thoughts have the power that cause you to behold and be ready for your great future or remain on the battle field.

Those who live according to the flesh, set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the spirit set their minds on the things of the spirit. For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the spirit is life and peace. Romans 8:5-6, which one of us doesn’t want peace to reign in our hearts and minds? We all certainly want to live long on this earth, what most of us are ignoring is how to think and impact our generation. To be a generational thinker, you must at all times plan for the future. You should be able to see and think beyond your present state. In the next ten years where do you want to be? Have you taken time to structure your life or you are only interested in dreaming about it? It is good to dream but is not enough! Put the dreams into actions. A generational thinker is always a step ahead. Be that change in your family, community and the world at large. Nothing is impossible.

Cast your mind back to those days where you used to see yourself above the moon, those exciting moments that got you to thinking success was just a stone throw, whether you were day dreaming or deep asleep dreaming, those were not just mere dreams, they were not impossibilities, we actually wanted everything good we dreamt about, it’s s not a matter of waking up to reality and actually noticing it was just a dream so you’ll get over it overnight, Whatever thought you have once had towards being an emblem to the world, being a public figure whom others can take inspiration from can manifest if you’d put your dreams to work. God may have spoken to you in that dream, he may have prophesied over your life through a dream and to see its manifestation you must work towards it.

You can be anything you want, you can achieve all your dreams through hard work and faith, You can be where you want to be depending on you and choices you make and how you choose to live your choices, wherever you came from, it is still possible to achieve your dreams, If it is Gods will he will manifest his glory in your life through the hardwork you put towards achieving your dreams, thinking  about your dreams do not bring answers, foretelling your dreams may bring appraisal from men but not relevant end results, However  putting what you have dreamt to work, and asking God for a discerning spirit to decipher between his will and that which is not brings success to your doorstep in the God once God is involved.

In this season our thoughts and decisions are made clear before us, what are we spending most of our time thinking about? Don’t over burden your mind with thoughts that devalue you, feed your thoughts with positivity, enough of our flesh-related thoughts that won’t grow us ,there’s a lot on our goal setting list to fulfill ,you can get  productive things done in this season, put to death sinful thoughts which has become the greatest struggle of many. This season is testing our thoughts thus lets remain guided and direct our thoughts towards that which will groom us into better people ready enough to prepare for the future. Make positive thoughts your priority in this season and work towards making them fruitful.

Jaclyn Essien

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect The Chronicle’s stance.


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