‘You don’t have to work if you are my girlfriend’ -Teflon Flexx on his love life

Ghanaian musician Teflon Flexx has sparked commotion online with his take on the ideal relationship. The musician has gained significant traction online with his playful TikTok partner, Sweet Apple. In a recent interview with Kwadwo Sheldon, Teflon Flexx stated that he preferred his partner to be unemployed and focus on taking care of him.

Speaking to Kwadwo Sheldon, Teflon Flexx argued that his partner being beautiful was enough for him. The musician, who has worked with top stars, including Dope Nation, explained that he lived a progressive life and believed in spending on his partner to match his always-evolving lifestyle, which he flaunts on his social media page.

If you want to work, that’s fine. I’m a provider. Just be my girlfriend, and I’ll take care of you, Teflon Flexx said.

Teflon Flexx is one of the fastest rising Ghanaian musicians who is about to take the music landscape by a storm.

The Temale-based artiste, whose area of specialisation include Hip-hop, Afropop, Dancehall and other notable genres, said he had always had the passion for music right from infancy.

Credit: pulse.com.gh


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