We have not installed a new Ga Mantse -Dzasetse

The Ga Paramount Stool Dzasetse, Nii Yaote Oto-Ga II, has appealed to President Akufo-Addo not to pay attention to persons misleading him to believe that a new Ga Mantse had been installed, hence the chieftaincy dispute had been resolved amicably.

Thus, the Dzasetse said, there was nothing like a newly enstooled Ga Mantse, as Boni Nii Tackie Adama Latse II remained the only occupant of the Ga Paramount Stool, from 2011 to date, and that in that regard any other person posing himself as such should not be recognised.

He said the main challengers of the Ga Stool were some faceless persons trying to use dubious means to oust a legitimate Ga Mantse in order to throw the Ga State into disarray.

Speaking to the media in relation to a recent judgment given by a Kumasi High Court on Wednesday, he said Nii Tackie Adama Latse II’s name was mysteriously deleted from the National House of Chiefs (NHS) and replaced with another person who was not known to the Paramount Stool.

According to him, per the High Court ruling, the National House of Chiefs was given 14 days, which ends today, to correct the mistake and re-enter Nii Tackie Tackie Adama Latse II.

He said the National House of Chiefs registered one Kelvin Tackie as the Ga Mantse, and removed the name of Boni King Tackie Adama Latse Il, the substantive Ga Mantse at a time three cases in connection to the matter  were pending before the NHC, Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, and a Tema High Court respectively.

“In the present ruling, His Lordship was emphatic that the instant application by Boni Nii Tackie Adama Latse II, Ga Mantse, has merits, and, accordingly, granted it based on facts,” he said.

Nii Yaote Oto-Ga II added that for the avoidance of doubt, Boni Nii Tackie Adama Latse II was properly enstooled in accordance with Ga custom and traditional practices.

He strongly advised that it was not the function of any government, political party, and/or any institution to elect or install a chief for any clan or tribe in Ghana, and for that matter Ga Mashie.

Nii Yaote Oto-Ga II stressed that the assertion that it was under the Akufo-Addo government that the Ga Mantse dispute was resolved cannot represent the facts.

“Also, we call on the National House of Chiefs, Greater Accra House of Chiefs, and the Ga Traditional Council to respect the order of the High Court and assist Nii Tackie Adama Latse I, Ga Mantse, take his seat as President of the Ga Traditional Council, and as a Member of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, taking cognisance of Section 13 (1) of Act 2008, (Act 759),” he urged.


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