We deserve apology; Western Region Creative Arts players mad at Tourism Minister

At a stakeholder engagement with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture in Takoradi, the Minister, Dr. Awal Mohammed on June, 5, 2021 promised the people of Sekondi-Takoradi that, within a year, the deserted 32-year-old Centre for National Culture (CNC) at Sekondi will have a facelift to an international standard.

Dr. Awal’s one-year promise fell on June 5, 2022 but the Creative Arts Players in Western Region are yet to see any renovation of the CNC. This has infuriated the stakeholders in the Western Region who have shared their sentiments with The Chronicle.

Speaking to the Business Manager of Empire FM, Enoch Asare popularly known as Feeling Daddy, he stated that; “On our entertainment show, one of our disc jockeys, Magic George said the one year promise given by the Minister is not realistic and he cannot do it. At a point, I also started believing it that it cannot be done. He just raised our hopes and did nothing. I think we deserve apology for his failed promise.”

In his assertion, the Manager for Connect FM in Takoradi, Ransford Nana OseiAsare said; “If you make a promise, we expect that even if you’re unable to keep it, communicate it as to why it’s delayed or unable to materialize. I think this CNC issues has dragged for far too long and need to be looked it. The impression is that, the creative arts is taken for granted because this has lingered on for far too long before the regional minister even took over office.”

Macall Mensah who is the Programmes Manager of Beach FM also added that; “The minister was under no compulsion to say anything about the construction of the theatre if there was nothing in the offing. It is painful to learn that there has been no new development since the Hon. Minister made the promise. It cannot be emphasized enough the ease the theatre will bring to event organization in the region.More importantly is that, the theatre can easily pay for monies spent on it, considering the number of events that will be organized there. We shall continue to request for this government to make good of their promise and complete the Western Regional Centre for National Culture.”

“From the onset, I knew they were lies; these were things said to make the creative arts players feel they are also part of those he thinks about. Looking at the dilapidated nature of the CNC, the one year was not feasible, he said it to tickle us. They only pay attention to tourism and nothing else,” YoofiEyeson, an Entertainment Show host of Spice FM also stated.

“Has he even made efforts to come to the city to check how far things are going? We’ve even had two Creative Arts Ministers from the Region who didn’t even pay attention to the CNC and someone who doesn’t have any attachment to the region,” Mr. Eyeson added.

“It was a great joy for all stakeholders in the creative art industry in the Western Region when the Honorable Minister made that statement of getting our CNC to international standard. As a region that can’t boast of even one proper large event auditorium, this came as good news, although most of the stakeholders had huge doubt of it happening. Hold and behold, it’s been a year and not even a brush of paint has touched the wall. A venue that when made better can fetch the country some good money. This is a total disappointment and shame on the minister and his ministry. But I still comeback to say that industry players in Western Region are not angry enough. We still look like a joke to them. This is not something we are letting go. We will do everything possible to make sure the Western Regional Centre for National” AtoKwaminaOtoo, an Entertainment host of Connect FM added.

Efforts to reach the Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister proved futile, as calls to his number were not answered and those close to him refused to respond to the story.


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