“US of A, please, LGBTQ is the least of our problems, don’t make it the worst of our headaches!”

In explaining, Union Government to a group of students, in the 70’s in Pope John Secondary School, Koforidua, Mr Jude Adu-Amankwa, asked: “Someone comes to you with a bowl that is covered. He tells you, “In this bowl there is meat, but it is not pork.” Will you accept it?

This is exactly the situation going on right now in Black Africa as President Joe Biden of the United States is keen on implementing his policy of making all of Black Africa pro-LGBTQ+.

American reporters are all over the place moving around with high US dignitaries and posing questions about LGBTQ+ to African leaders. That happened here when one threw posed the question during President Akufo-Addo and US Vice President Harris’s press soiree.

Black Africans should insist that the bowl being offered us must be opened and all its contents examined

At the moment LGBTQ+ is the least of our problems. We have in stock rich natural resources yet we are poor people and poor nations. If only the developed nations will pay us value for money for our products,we will be fine.

We need good food, good accommodation, good jobs where we shall have regular earnings. We need good health and medical facilities; we want to be resourceful enough to have our children get good, free or affordable education. We need to have good roads, good utility services. We need to have good industries and be able to produce good food at very minimal cost of production.

Our problems include how we can survive to see the next day. How we can live in peace without attacks from rebels, terrorists, robbers and other miscreants. How we can drastically reduce pest that increasingly transmit various diseases that affect us give us health challenges. And how we can also be accepted as humans and regarded as such among other racial groups. These are among our serious problems which affects us daily.

How can LGBTQ+ transform our lives and make us respected among all racial groups?

So, this LGBTQ+ thing is the least of our problems. In our current state we do not want to worsen our relationship with our Maker, so we devoutly obey His laws and one of them is not to doLGBTQ+. But this is what the US and some Western nations are pushing down our throats, by dangling juicy baits in our eyes, just to lure us into this grievous sin.

Now, let us shelf the disobedience to God for a moment and look at what it is all about LGBTQ+.

To begin there is a huge health bills that we will face should this unnatural sex acts take root; bills could be used properly to improve our lives.

Taking transgender as one example, at least $100,000.00 is used to change someone’s natural sex to that of the opposite one.

In the US, about 1.4% of adults are transgender and working that against our population of 33 million, then we are talking about 462,000 Ghanaians who could be transgender if we accept LGBTQ+. This works out to be $46.2 billion going down the drain. Yes, $46.2 billion, and we are, praying that the IMF grants us $3 billion so that we survive.

USA, please know that, LGBTQ+ is the least of our worries, so don’t make it the worse of our headaches. Aside from this magnitude of wastage, additional health risk resulting in LGBTQ+ will have to be attended to. Soa lot of money will be wasted on this unnatural sex orientation and we will become poorer and poorer.

Other problems will be the acts of paedophilia, which is now accepted in some advanced countries,where children are being taught everything about sex.

And then comes incest which is now been de-criminalised. So, let us be honest and answer this question. Who will marry a lady who slept around with her brothers and her father or a man who slept around with his mother and sisters? Is it not possible that such adults will sleep with their own children later in life?

And there is bestiality where human freely have sex with animals and even marrying some. Please USA, Black Africa cannot stomach this.

Now what about the ugly side of LGBTQ+ and hereare the most disgusting three sexual acts. There is this thing called gagged sex where women are made to do full blow job, which makes them throw up. They are then are made to lick it up and swallow the vomit.And now the worse of the three is the sex acts where people poo on themselves,and here unfortunately as hard as I try, my key board would not form the words to describe what goes on here.

Yes, USA, you are aware that these happen and they form part of LGBTQ+, so why keep them from us? Why not give a full lecture on all about LGBTQ+?

We will be poorer than we are today, through LGBTQ+ and be completely dehumanised with all its acts including the latest disgusting acts of sex.

Be honest and tell us everything about LGBTQ+ and you will see from our faces, that LGBTQ+which is the least of our problems now, will certainly be the worse of our headaches. Thank you.

Hon Daniel Dugan


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect The Chronicle’s stance.


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