Three Ashaiman boys in court for murder, robbery

The three persons who were allegedly involved in the murder of a mechanic in Tema, in the Greater Accra region, have been arraigned before a Kaneshie Magistrate court on Tuesday, this week, on the counts of murder and attempted robbery.

The accused persons, who are said to be unemployed and residents of Ashiaman are; Benjamin Essel (A1), Latif Nashiru (A2) and Michael Tetteh (A3).

The district court, presided over by His Honour Oheneba Tuffour, remanded the accused persons to reappear before it on June 2.

The following are the facts as read in court by the prosecutor, Inspector Margaret Ofori Boadi.

Complainant Samuel Ankomah is a Foreman at Mahak Ghana Limited-Tema. PW2 Felix Tetteh Batse is a resident of Tema Community 22.

Deceased James Tetteh Laweh, aged 33 years, was a Mechanic and the brother to PW2. Accused persons Benjamin Essel A1, Latif Nashiru, A2 and Michael Tetteh, A3 are all unemployed and living at Ashaiman.

A4 and A5 are currently at large. On 18th February, 2022 PW2 received a call from unknown mobile number, 0548332419, who expressed interest in purchasing his unregistered Toyota RAV-4 vehicle and demanded to have a proper look at the vehicle before buying same.

On 22nd April, 2022 A1 again placed a call to PW2 with same mobile number (0548332419) and demanded for the pictures of the said vehicle, which was sent to him by PW2.

A1 on receipt of the photographs then introduced himself as a Medical Doctor, working at the Community 22 Poly Clinic and demanded PW2 to produce same to him for inspection.

Prior to this, PW2 had given out PW1’s mobile number to A1 to liaise with him for the inspection, but PW1 could not assist due to work.

On 23rd April, 2022 A1 again called on PW2 to produce the said vehicle to him for inspection at the Tema Community 22 Poly Clinic.

Without hesitation, PW2 then called deceased James Tetteh Laweh to proceed with the vehicle for inspection. PW1 then released the ignition keys to the deceased to be taken to A1. The deceased person proceeded to Tema Community 22 Poly Clinic for inspection by A1.

A1 expressed interest in the vehicle and demanded for the documents. On 25th April, 2022 PW1 met James Tetteh Laweh, the deceased person, at Tema Community 4 roundabout and proceeded to Tema Community 22 Poly Clinic for inspection by the Medical Doctor, A1.

A1, together with the deceased, sat in the Toyota RAV-4 for inspection and onward pricing, as PW1 stood by. It was noticed that, the Form C and GRA receipts were missing from the complete vehicle documents.

A1 then called on the deceased to get them set so he can pay for same after they arrive at a price. The deceased, together with PW1 returned to their warehouse at Kpone for the documents but could not trace same. They then made enquiries to a DVLA official who intimated he could help in the registration process with A1’s name and passport photographs.

Same information was relayed to A1 who then asked the deceased to return to him for the passport size pictures. PW1 and deceased James Tetteh Laweh, on reaching the Tema Community 22 Poly Clinic, then met A1 in a brownish suit dress in the company of A4.

A1 then instructed A4 to take control of the steering so as he could get his passport size photos from a nearby house to the deceased for the registration processes.

A4 then drove PW1 and the deceased to a house closer to Bampoe Hotel on the Mawuli close Street and identified it as the place where the passport size photos are to be obtained.

A4 alighted from the vehicle for some number of minutes whilst making a call. The deceased person suspected A4’s actions, took the ignition keys and turned the vehicle, whilst PW1 also stood by making a call. Suddenly A2, A3 and A5 emerged on an okada motorbike. A2 and A5 ambushed the deceased whilst A3 pursued PW1.

Upon several attacks on the deceased, he flung the ignition key into a nearby bush which incurred the wrath of A2, who shot him in the neck.

A2, A3, A4 and A5 upon sensing danger fled, living the RAV-4 vehicle behind. PW1, who absconded, made a report to the Police.

The Police proceeded to the said location and met a male adult lying in a pool of blood and conveyed him to the Tema General hospital, but was pronounced dead and deposited at the morgue.

On 2nd April, 2022 the Anti-Armed Robbery Unit of CID headquarters gathered intelligence that A1, A2, A3 and others did rob and murder deceased James Tetteh Laweh.

A1, A2 and A3 were herded to Amasaman China Mall area for another robbery expedition but were all arrested. A search conducted on A2 and A3 revealed two locally made pistols plus ten rounds of 9mm ammunition.

On interrogation, A1 admitted positing as a medical Doctor to purchase the complainant’s vehicle and did meet the deceased and PW1 at Tema Community 22 Poly Clinic on 25th April 2022.

He further intimated that, he was later informed by A2 and A3 that, the driver of the vehicle had been murdered. A2 on the other hand admitted having shot and killed the deceased together with A3 but it was on the instructions of A1 and A4.

That, after the robbery, they fled together with A4. He added that the said weapon used in the murder of James Laweh was brought in by A1 who hired same from a gangster at Ashaiman.

On 5th May, 2022 an identification parade was conducted at the forecourt of the CID headquarters, PW1 identified A1 as the medical doctor who wore a gold ring and black ring on the 25th April, 2022 when they met him at Tema Community 22 Polyclinic in a Brownish suit.

PW1 again identified A2 and A3 as the young men who came on a motorbike to murder deceased James Tetteh Laweh.

Investigations revealed that A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 did agree and murdered deceased James Tetteh Laweh at gunpoint. The pathologist averred that, the deceased sustained grievous gunshot wound at close range.

The accused persons are put before this honourable court for their remand and further investigations. Efforts are underway to arrest their accomplices.



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