The Keeper’s Music, Pastor Siisi Baidoo release a prophetically uplifting single

Leading Christian record label, Keeper’s Music, has released yet another powerful and inspiring gospel single dubbed “Power in the Name”. The song features The Keeper’s Music and Pastor Siisi, who are seen singing under a charged prophetic atmosphere, full of declaration of faith.

The spiritually uplifting single is characterised by a melody of dominant vocals and strong harmonies which re-emphasise the miracle working power of Jesus Christ.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Global Lead Pastor for The Keeper’s House, Rev. Francis W. Aubyn intimated.

This song was inspired by a deep sense of spiritual hunger for an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and that is what it will achieve”.

He continued, “The value and virtue in the name of Jesus are revelations birthed only out of deep encounters with the Holy Spirit through such anointed minstrels to a world in need of all kinds of healing”.

The Keeper’s Music (TKM) is undoubtedly one of the fastest music groups in Africa and the first record label established by a church – The Keeper’s House Chapel Int’l (TKH) in Ghana.

The record label is beginning to inspire many churches to support both in-house talents and others outside the church.

The label, which was launched in April and unveiled to the media in September, 2022 has so far done 3 single music releases including – ‘’Beautiful God’’ featuring Joe Mettle and Flo Ra (an artiste on the Label), “Hosanna Adoration” featuring Tansy (an artiste on the Label) and “I’m not Afraid”, featuring Flo Ra, with “Power In The Name” being the latest single to be added to the pile.

These masterpieces in 2022/2023 have already made their way to several playlists on radio stations and digital streaming platforms.

The music group has recently announced the launch of this year’s flagship music concert, “APRIL CONCERT”, slated for April 22, 2023.

The event, one of the most anticipated in the capital city of Ghana serves as the annual concert of the label to share the stage with various world-class artistes, as well as connect with the general public through anointed praise and adoration to the Lord Jesus Christ.


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