Taviefe-Aviefe residents honour Police CID Officer

Inspector Amese, Taviefe-Deme Police Station Officer and Miss Precious Addo, Assembly member for Taviefe-Aviefe Electoral Area, toasting with Inspector Barabu, middle

The Assembly Member and residents of Taviefe-Aviefe Electoral Area in the Ho Municipality have lauded the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer of the Taviefe-Deme District Police Station for his sterling human relations.

Mawuse Precious Addo, the Assembly Member, said Inspector Joseph Barabu had demonstrated a high commitment to his profession and was helping the opinion leaders in the electoral area to stem crime, especially among the youth.

“Inspector Barabu’s service to this electoral area is overwhelming, and if crime is reducing to the barest minimum in my electoral area, it is because of his constant rapport with me, as the Assembly Member, the opinion leaders, and the community. Wee smoking among the youth was very high, but the number is reducing drastically as a result of Inspector Barabu’s efforts with the opinion leaders.

“And as a CID who has helped the community in diverse ways, we, the members of the community, decided to celebrate him on his 45th birthday to express our immense appreciation to him for bringing police service closer to us than before,” Ms Precious Mawuse Addo explained at the New Hope Holistic Clinic, Deme, where the community and the Taviefe-Deme Police Station Officer, Inspector Kennedy Amese, celebrated Inspector Joseph Barabu on his 45th Birthday.

Dr. Gifty Lanyo of the New Hope Holistic Clinic, Deme, on her part, explained that her respect for the police had increased as a result of Inspector Barabu’s commitment to the profession.

“Inspector Barabu is a police officer who counsels the community as well. His approach to cases is awesome and even before he charges you for an offence you have committed he finds a nice way of calming you down. We thank the IGP for this fine officer,” she said.

Aghast by the show of love and admiration for him by his Station Officer, the Assembly Member, New Hope Holistic Clinic, the media and the Taviefe-Deme community, Inspector Joseph Barabu reminded the public that the Police Service could always deliver very well should the public continue to support it and release information promptly.

“Our IGP has taken the police service to the doorsteps of the people. And with my Regional Commander and Station Officer also taking the lead in that way, we, the subordinates cannot disappoint them.

I owe everything to God, my family and the Republic of Ghana for the opportunity to serve you [Taviefe-Deme] and I promise to continue to do my best to make my superiors proud. Thank you for this 45th birthday celebration,” Inspector Barabu said, expressing his gratitude.


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