Taliban celebrate one year in power

Small groups of Taliban fighters have been marking the anniversary of taking power in Afghanistan last year, in an environment that has drastically reduced women’s participation in all daily life, including education, media, and government positions.

Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement this Monday: “This day is the day of the victory of truth over falsehood and the day of salvation and freedom of the Afghan nation.”

Mujahid said this at a time when Afghanis are dealing with malnutrition, drought, and rising poverty.

Those men celebrating their victories one year ago fired gunshots in the air in the capital Kabul, as well as brandishing the group’s black and white flag.

Secure, yet repressed

Afghanistan is safer than it was a year ago, when they were fighting the US-led foreign forces and Afghan allies. Occasional attacks from Islamic State do, however, continue to occur.

Credit: rfi


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