Suhum Ayekotse Ghanata M/A Basic JHS Headmaster in dilemma; as school reopens

The Headmaster of Suhum Ayekotse Ghanata Municipal Assembly (M/A) Basic Junior High School (JHS) in the Suhum Municipality, Mr. Maxwell Atandji, has gone emotionally mad following the reopening of schools.

The state of the Basic Junior High School (A) classroom block, like any other dilapidated schools within and outside the Municipality, has subjected teachers and students into what could best be described as emotional madness, most especially as it just reopened.

The roofing sheets of the building are begging for replacement, as most of them are either ripped off or leaking, a situation that has not only demoralised the students, but also academic activities.

Available information indicates that the Suhum Ayekotse Ghanata Basic JHS, which was established about a century ago, has never seen any renovation, and has almost become a death trap.

The Ghanata M/A JHS classroom block was established in 1948, with a student population of about 368, is also faced with a lack of furniture, computer lab, and text books, and the sitting posture may affect the spines of the students, as they strive to achieve academic excellence in a congested classroom.

Speaking to the Eastern File on Tuesday, Mr. Maxwell Atandji explained that academic activities were often disrupted during the rainy season.

“At times when we are in the classroom and it is about to rain, because of the damages on the roofing sheets, we, the teachers, have to close the children to go home; that is very bad,” the Headmaster, Mr. Maxwell Atandji, bemoaned.

The Headmaster continued that efforts of the school’s Parents Teachers Association (PTA) to replace the damaged roofing sheets had suffered a major setback, following the lack of funds.

The Junior High School form 1 classroom block, which has its roofing sheets replaced, serves as a shelter for the entire school when it rains.

Some of the students raised serious concerns over how they shared desks following the shortage or absence of furniture.

On the unavailability of an Information Communication Technology (ICT) the lab, students indicated that study of the discipline had really been difficult, since they did not have the opportunity to practice what they had been taught in theory.

The Assembly Member for the Oforikrom Electoral Area, Emmanuel Amankwa, indicated that, several attempts to get the relevant intuitions to renovate the structure had proved futile for many years.

He hoped the government and philanthropic organisations would come and support the school to help renovate the dilapidating classroom block, and provide the students with enough furniture to improve academic activities.


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