Societal ills have penetrated the church -Ada Foah Bethel Reverend

Reverend Samuel Amartey Aryitah, the Associate Minister of the Ada Foah Bethel Congregation, has expressed worry about how the church has become an accomplice in all manner of social vices, describing that as pathetic.

“You can find all ill characters in the church, which should have been bold to name and shame Christians who are found engaged in social vices. Sadly, they are the ones who are holding higher positions in the church, where positions are for the highest bidder. These people have become untouchable because they are the spine of the church,” Reverend Samuel Amartey Aryitah, Associate Minister, Bethel Congregation, Ada Foah, told a section of the media.

He made these comments during an interview at Hwakpo, where the Trinity Presbyterian Church launched its 75th-anniversary celebration, slated for September 24, 2023.

He expressed grave worry about the failure of the church not being bold to confront such dubious characters head-on, because of the desires and the personal interests of some of the clergy. Only a few of the clergy are bold to speak against the vices that have penetrated the church. Meanwhile, the clergy and Christians have been given the scriptures by Jesus Christ to go to the world to change it, not the world coming to change us.

“Today, it is very difficult to find moral life among even some of the clergy, who are the mouthpiece of God.”

Reverend Aryitah urged committed Christians to stand up to be counted and to fight vices which have infiltrated the church and caused many believers to forgo their Christian values and norms.

“We can influence society as committed Christians,” Reverend Aryitah expressed his belief.


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