Security tightened for top US judges amid abortion protests

US law enforcement agencies are beefing up security for Supreme Court justices after a leak suggested they may overturn legalised abortion. The US Marshals Service said on Monday it was helping the agencies normally tasked with the judges’ protection. A protest was held on Monday night at Justice Samuel Alito’s house in Alexandria, Virginia. Activists chanted: “Abort the court!” Rallies were held outside the homes of two other justices this weekend.

On Saturday night, a group of about 100 people marched from the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to Chief Justice John Roberts’ house nearby in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Shut Down DC, the left-wing group behind Monday’s demonstration outside Justice Alito’s house, said the plan was to “hold a moment of silence for the rights we know are ours”. Separately, an anti-abortion centre suffered an arson attack on Sunday.

The White House said earlier on Monday that demonstrations should never include “violence, threats or vandalism”. “[President Biden] strongly believes in the constitutional right to protest,” said a statement from his press secretary Jen Psaki.



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