Rishi Sunak wins race to become UK’s new prime minister

Rishi Sunak will become the United Kingdom’s new prime minister after winning the ruling Conservative Party’s leadership contest triggered by the dramatic resignation of Liz Truss last week.


The chairman of the Conservative Party has called on its members to unite behind Sunak as its new leader. Rishi Sunak’s victory is seen by some as a victory for diversity and representation in British politics.


He will be the UK’s first person of colour, first of Asian heritage and first Hindu to lead the country. He will also be the youngest for more than 200 years at the age of 42.


Sunak’s win on Monday came days after Truss’s resignation following her disastrous tax cuts plans and policy U-turns plunged the markets into chaos.


 only challenger, Penny Mordaunt, leader of the House of Commons and former defence minister, was reportedly backed by 30 MPs compared with nearly 150 supporting Sunak.


While there were rumours over a Johnson’s comeback over the weekend, he pulled out of the contest on Sunday.

Credit: Aljazeera.com


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