Reggie Zippy enters into new relationship after divorce one month ago

Following an announcement of divorce from his wife one month ago, Reggie Zippy has shared pictures of him and a new lover.

The UK-based Ghanaian rapper shared two separate romantic pictures of him and his white girlfriend, displaying affection.

In one of the pictures, the lady’s arms were wrapped around Reggie’s neck and he grabbed her butt.

The other one captures them in a tight embrace with her face buried in his.

Reggie indicated in the caption that he has moved on while emphasizing that he has no time to waste.

“Time no dey for a single and ambitious good man with sweet love and happiness to share with the right woman who knows his worth and vice versa. #LoveGoesWhereLoveIs #wemove #MyGirl #DanceForMe #LivingLifeOnMyOwnTerms #RespectYourMan #loveyourwoman,” he wrote.

This post, however, has garnered massive reactions amidst shock and disappointment from some netizens.

Others have also respected his decision and wished him well.

Infidelity and other reasons Reggie Zippy’s wife filed for a divorce.

Reggie Zippy’s ex-wife, Edith Ward, said she filed for the divorce based on infidelity, lies, alcohol, and financial abuse, among others.

She expressed that for the past two to three years, Reggie had been involved in an extramarital affair with a certain white lady.

She also stated that Reggie had stopped fulfilling his financial obligations to his family, a situation which compelled her to work around the clock just to make ends meet.

“I walked away and filed for divorce after you betrayed and walked away from our covenant (marriage). Lies, deceit, constant cheating, years of alcohol, and financial abuse made me work day and night to save my family.

My love, care, and patience still weren’t enough for you to stop it all, so I decided to save myself and my children from hell. I walked away and never looked back. Now continue to live happily with the ‘white’ (as you like to brag to me) woman you have been with for the past 2-3 years, while still married.

“Start providing for your kids financially and stop creating this false narrative online to make me look bad. I have tried to be the bigger person for a long time and have kept quiet. Now I have had enough too and hope that you can put a stop to this constant emotional abuse. #Truthalwaysprevails#Enoughisenough.”


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