Press Statement On The Status Of Ahanta Traditional Council

Ladies and gentlemen of the press we welcome you this day to the press conference organized by Nananom on of the Ahanta Traditional council on the Status of the Council. We wish to set the records straight and inform all and sundry that the Ahanta Traditional Council Is rebuilding, branding and repositioning its council to serve the people of Ahanta. The Ahanta Traditional Council is not in disarray as the chronicle story implies.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends of the media. Nananom would like to state and inform the public that, the position of an Acting president in a Traditional Council is purely statutory and to a large extend administrative more than customary function.

Acting Presidents represent the Various Traditional councils/Traditional Areas at the Regional House and any other functions in the absence of the substantive paramount chiefs who are members of the House and presidents of the Various Traditional Council. The Ag Presidents performs the functions of the President of the Traditional council as stipulated in the Act and other enactments

Administratively the Acting president is required to preside over meetings of the Traditional Council and give directions to the Traditional council in relations to correspondence to and from the council.

Nananom of the Ahanta Traditional Council would want to state emphatically that the existence or the implementation of the Ag Presidents in the Traditional is to take Leadership role when the President is indisposed so that the daily operations of the Traditional Council is not halted. In effect for the Traditional council to continue to operate and function, someone should be appointed by Members of the council to steer the affairs of the Traditional council until a substantive president of the Council is enstooled. Once the paramount chiefs assume his position as President of the Council, the duties of the Ag. President’s ends

On Wednesday 8″ February 2023, Nananom of the Ahanta Traditional Council sighted a publication in the chronicle newspaper captioned, “the Ahanta Traditional Council in disarray over appointment of  Lablanca owner as acting president” published by one Alfred Kwesi Adams. Nananom feel disappointed and extremely worried with such news headline without their consent.


1.Nananom wish to state categorically that, the customary, statutory and Administrative function and running of the Traditional Council in the Ahanta Traditional Area lies with the members of the Traditional council which Nananom have done just that.


2.On Tuesday 31® January 2023, the Ahanta Traditional Council met to discuss

pertinent tissues in the Ahanta Traditional Area among others was the appointment of the Acting President of the Ahanta Traditional Council. Nanaom at the meeting after several deliberations decided and appointed Nana Akwazi Abrabo IV as Acting President of the Ahanta Traditional Council.

3.Again Nananom would want to state emphatically that, there was no instance whatsoever that Nana Akwanzi Abrabo IV, forced members of the Council or impose herself on Nananom to appoint her as acting President. It was a unanimous decision taken by the members of the Ahanta Traditional Council to appoint her (Nana Akwanzi Abraba IV Divisional Chief of Princes town as the Acting President of the Ahanta Traditional Council, of which Otumfuo Baldoo Bonsee XV stated categorically to Her when nana Akwanzi Abraba swore oath of allegiance to him as the overlord of Ahanta.


4.More importantly, Nana akwanzi Abraba IV was not present at that particular meeting where members of the Council unanimously resolved to appoint Her as the acting President of the Ahanta Traditional Council as alleged in the publication. The endorsement comes in the wake of the vacancy created by reason of the fact that the president is unable to perform his statustory duties of which the law requires that a member has to be appointed to act until the President is able to perform his duties.


  1. Furthermore, Nananom of the Ahanta Traditional Council would like to caution the General Public and the media to desist from fusing or merging the company name with the chieftaincy title or position of Nana Akwanzi Abraba IV something that she has toiled over the years to build.


  1. Nananom further wants to reiterate to the General Public and the media that, the chieftaincy position of nana Akwazi Abrabo IV —Divisional Chief of Princess town, is a separate entity from her company name and therefore as stated earlier, the public should desist from associating her company name from her position as chief of princess town.


Also, It has never been the Traditional practice that the chief of Himakrom, who is not a member of the Ahanta Traditional Council should act as the President of the Council as alleged by the publication


  1. Nananom therefore want to take this opportunity to caution the press and diverse individuals to desist from associating or merging the private or company name of Nana Akwanzi Abraba IV(Eunice Jaqueline Buah Asumahene) with her chieftaincy position and further making public certain statements that are not officially released.


  1. In the circumstance, Mr kwesi Alfred Adams of the chronicles newspaper MUST withdraw redraw and retract all the false allegations and statements published on the 8” February 2023 against Nananom of the Ahanta Traditional Council and Nana Akwanzi Abraba IV, Divisional Chief of Princess town within 7 working days or the council shall take appropriate legal action against the reporter and the Chronicle newspaper.


  1. Our doors are wide open if you want to find out about the status of a chief or his were about, we would readily assist you through the appropriate channel. We would not pardon anyone who desecrate our customs and defame any of our chiefs.


10.In conclusion, we encourage all those who have fouled the paramount chief, the Traditional Council or anyone or more of its members such as the acting president through any manner of publications such as prints, verbal, video, photography ect to come to retract and render an unqualified apology the same manner the DEFAMATION CONTENT was made within one week from this day. Otherwise the Ahanta Traditional Council will take legal action against you.



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