Pastor Faasemkye Commits Suicide

Residents of Atwima Denchemouso in the Kwadaso Municipality of the Ashanti region were thrown into a state of shock and disbelief last Tuesday morning, when they woke up to the news that a popular pastor in the area had committed suicide.

Pastor Hayford Akwasi Faasemkye, popularly known in the locality as Osofo Akwasi and an associate pastor at a church in Kwadaso, was found hanging in his room on Tuesday morning.

Very affable and a Counselor in the area, the entire neighborhood was lost with words as to what might have necessitated the decision by the ‘Man of God’ to end it all that way.

It is not immediately known the exact time the deceased hanged himself but his immediate neighbours confirmed seeing him around last Saturday in the morning and evening.

A foul stench within the compound of the not fully completed building, alerted his neighbours who informed their landlord.

Policemen who came to force the door open found Osofo Akwasi hanging to the rod of the ceiling fan with a nylon sponge.

From Thomas Agbenyegah Adzey, Kumasi


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