NPP to re-run elections in 81 polling stations in Twifo-Hemang

Aspiring polling station executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira constituency have alleged that the disputed elections in 81 polling stations would be re-run.

This, according to the group, who became disillusioned as a result of what they termed “acclamations instead of elections”, was contained in snippet of information available to them. According to the group, they have picked intelligence indicating that the committee, upon its investigations into their claims, have realised the need for elections to be conducted in 81 polling stations.

Spokesperson for the group, Mr Christopher Ampoful, who made this known to The Chronicle expressed their heartfelt appreciation to the Madam Cecilia Dapaah’s committee for a yeoman’s job done.

As a result of their alleged re-run rumour, he further hinted that the aspirants would gladly cooperate with the committee to ensure that the right things were done.

“As long as the committee has found our claims to be true and has called for fresh elections, we would be more than ready to discontinue the case at the court for peaceful settlement,” he said.

This move, he indicated, would pave the way for a more credible and satisfactory elections to be conducted at the challenged polling stations in the constituency.

“We did not go to the court because we wanted to win at the various polling stations at all cost, but we wanted the right things to be done in accordance with the party’s own rules,” he stated.

A re-run of the polling station elections in 81 polling stations, he said, would lend credence to their long held position that there were serious infractions with the acclaimed elections.

“I must say that it is quite refreshing and satisfactory not for we the disappointed aspirants alone, but we see this as a victory for democracy, which will make our party great and strong going forward,” he added.

Mr Ampoful described as shameful an alleged scheme by the regional party to prevail on the committee to conduct elections in only 15 polling stations even though infractions occurred in 81 stations.

He profoundly expressed his appreciation saying, “Let me on behalf of the over 900 aspirants thank the chairperson of the ADR Committee, Madam Dapaah, very much for their great work. She has proven to all that she is a firm woman and has done what will bring peace to the party”.

Background to the issue

Some aggrieved card bearing members of the NPP in the constituency placed an injunction on the polling stations elections in the constituency. The aggrieved members, who were aspiring for various positions in the aforesaid elections, accused those in charge of subverting procedures governing the conduct of the elections.

The twenty one aggrieved members, who were the plaintiff, further stated that the seven officers who were the defendants have allegedly refused to conduct elections in the constituency.

“Even before the stipulated schedule for the elections, we realised that the defendants were clandestinely acclaiming some people as polling station executives,” they stated.

They added that though some have filed their documents to contest, acclamations were done instead of elections in blatant breach of the party’s constitution and the guidelines for the elections.

The plaintiffs further mentioned that the defendants have acclaimed over 40 polling stations executives without election contest or notice to them. This, they claimed, was clandestinely done although they [plaintiffs] have duly filled and submitted their forms to contest for the said elections.

In spite of the fact that, a number of the plaintiffs who have submitted their forms, said “Some  of the polling stations have been considered non-contending for those individuals surreptitiously acclaimed.”

The plaintiffs are, therefore, seeking a declaration that the ongoing acclamation without elections is not only unlawful but null and void. It is also against the rights of the plaintiffs because they are good standing members of the New Patriotic Party in the aforesaid constituency.

They sought an order for the polling station elections to be conducted in the 81 polling stations in the constituency in accordance with the party’s rules and in a free and fair manner.

They further wanted an order for perpetual injunction restraining the defendants and their agents or their assigns from continuing with the ongoing polling station elections.

The plaintiffs further sought an order which will restrain the defendants in any related process of transmission of the acclaimed individuals to the Regional Office of the party.

Following the impasse, the matter was referred to the party’s Alternative Dispute Resolution and Legal Support Committee for redress.

It is being alleged that the committee has granted their relief and ordered for the re-run of the elections in the 81 polling stations in the constituency.


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