NPP EXECS @ SABRONUM THREATEN ALUTA …over pollution of creek serving Community by illegal miners

Polling Station Executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ahafo-Ano South East Community of Sabronum, in the Ashanti region, have threatened to suspend working for the party, ahead of the December General Elections.

The agitations of the Polling Station Executives stem from what they have described as wanton illegal mining activities going on in the district, particularly Sabronum, destroying their only source of drinking water – River Asuonfou, which takes its source from the Kwamisa forest reserve.

“We are using this opportunity to inform leadership at Constituency, Regional and National levels of the Party of our decision to stay away from all party activities at Sabronum. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a sustainable future for Sabronum”, the Polling station executives stated in a statement sighted by The Chronicle.

According to the party executives, they are expressing their frustration and opposition to the pollution of the only source of drinking water available to the community by galamseyers (illegal miners).

“The Polling station executives of Sabronum are deeply concerned about the ongoing illegal mining activities, also known as galamsey, that are destroying our precious water bodies”, they said.

The executives expressed worry over the presence of ‘machomen’, who are sabre-rattling the local farmers and making it difficult for them to go about their daily farming activities.

The statement pointed out that stakeholders in the community, including assembly members and the traditional council have made several reports to the assembly for help, but to no avail, a development which has seen people blaming the NPP for the mess being caused.

“In the just ended assembly elections, the opposition party (NDC) used the issue of galamsey against the NPP and it worked to perfection for them, as the NPP lost all the two seats to them.

“We demand immediate action from the party leadership to address this issue and put an end to these destructive practices. Our water resources are vital part of our community and must be protected for the well-being of current and future generations.

“We have few months left for the 2024 general elections, and these same rumours they used to outwit us have started again – making the party unattractive and unpopular in the community.

“We urge the authorities to take swift and decisive action to enforce laws against illegal mining and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

“The continued disregard for environmental regulations cannot be tolerated any longer. We call on all members of our community to come together and support efforts to preserve our natural resources and combat the scourge of galamsey. Our voices must be heard and our actions must speak louder than words.

“If our effort to solve this problem proves futile, we may have no option than to engage the whole community to issue a press release and consequently suspend all our political and party activities at Sabronum and its surrounding communities with immediate effect”, the statement said.

In a follow up interview with the polling station chairman for Ahafo Ano South-East, Mr. Justice Justice Oppong Manu, he told this reporter that they have been to the office of the District Chief Executive (DCE) for the area, but the destruction is still going on.

“About five weeks ago, when the illegal miners arrived in the community with the equipment, we (Polling Station Executives), together with the traditional leaders, went to the DCE, where we expressed our displeasure and called for total halt to the intended galamsey, but the DCE has not been able to stop the illegal mining”, he alleged.

This issue, he noted, was reported to the Manhyia Palace, where the Golden Stool Occupant directed that since the DCE was the sole person representing government in the area, he should do whatever he can to stop the illegal mining operations, but this was never done.

“The DCE has no interest in doing that, but I cannot conclude on anything. We have done all what we can and it seems he is adamant and that is the only source of water and if leadership are not responding, we have no option than to suspend party operations in the constituency. We are sending signals to the region, national and the parliamentary candidate for our party,”  he told The Chronicle.


When contacted on phone, the DCE, Mr Thomas Owusu Ansah, acknowledged to this paper that indeed there was galamsey activities going on at Sabronum.

He, however, refused to accept accusation that he was responsible for the galamsey operations.

Mr Owusu Ansah, who was unhappy about the line of questions by this reporter, noted that he cannot disclose measures being taken about the issue to The Chronicle.

“I can choose not to disclose to you what we are doing about the situation, because it is a security issue. It is not compulsory.

“If you call somebody about galamsey, do not think that it is the DCE who is supposed to address the issue – Do I own a land. Do I? That is where the media is getting it wrong. Who do you think sold the land they are working on to them? Is it not someone who sold it to them?

He disclosed that the galamsey operations is not being done by any other person than the indigenes of Sabronum, emphasising that the polling station chairman, Justice Oppong Manu, is neck deep in the act.

“Are you listening to me, the Justice Oppong Manu that you spoke to is the committee chairman – he is the one who sat down with the galamseyers. He was part of those who sat down with the galamseyers and negotiated with them on what they can do to help the Sabronum community.

“What were they thinking of when they were discussing the terms and conditions of the galamsey operations? Did they think they were coming to mine in my room? Or they thought they were coming to mine in the assembly?

He also accused the chiefs of taking money for illegal mining to fester. When asked if the threat by the pooling station executives to shun party activities would not cause the NPP, DCE Owusu Ansah responded in the negative, arguing that Justice Oppong Manu alone cannot stop party activities at Sabronum

When this reporter contacted the Parliamentary Candidate for the area, Fredrick Acheampong, he denied receiving a protest letter from the community.

When The Chronicle asked him if it was true that illegal mining is rife at Sabronum, he could not answer, except to say that he has not received the letter making those allegations.


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