NPP Bono Regional Organiser supports TESCON with GH¢32,700

The Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON), the students’ wing of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) at the Sunyani Technical University (STU), has received GH¢32,700 to aid their programmes and activities.

The monetary donation was made by the Bono Regional Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Evans Afari Gyan Yeboah, through the Evans Afari Gyan Foundation, from a GH¢200,000 support package for TESCON in the region.

According to the Regional Organiser, the support was part of the Foundation’s educational module to assist some 150 students across the various campuses in the region this year.

Mr. Afari Gyan Yeboah said the Foundation’s main focus was to support students within the orphan constituencies – Wenchi, Banda, Tain, Jaman North, Jaman South, and Dormaa West.

“The main focus of the Afari Gyan Foundation is to help mobilise support and make the party attractive for the six constituencies, including Wenchi, Banda, Tain, Jaman North, Jaman South and Dormaa West, as we strategise ahead for election 2024,” he said.

Mr Evans Afari Gyan Yeboah, Bono regional organiser of the NPP(L) presenting the cheque to members of STU TESCON

The NPP Regional Organiser noted that TESCON was the main asset of the youth wing of the party that requires massive support to energize with the capacity to mobilize in the interest of the party.

“Let me emphasise that TESCON is playing a vital role, because it is the main asset of the youth wing of the party that needs massive and regular support to enhance their capacity to mobilise in the interest of the party,” he said.

Speaking at the ceremony to present the cheque of GH¢32,700 to 15 TESCON students of the Sunyani Technical University, Mr. Afari Gyan Yeboah said: “For the STU TESCON members, the main focus is on the hospitality students to support them build the industry for the benefit of the Bono Region in tourism.”

He urged them to make the party attractive through their activities on and off campus, so they could win more students to join the party to be able to “break the eight in 2024.”

“I would like to entreat you to work hard to make the party very attractive on and off of STU so that you could win more students to join the party as we look forward to breaking the eight in 2024,” he said.

He observed that “politics is about how the people relate with politicians and how they benefit from governments, hence, the need for the students to benefit from their hard work to mobilise for the victory of the party on campus.”

Stressing on the significant roles played by the youth, led by TESCON, in their previous electoral fortunes, Mr. Afari Gyan Yeboah said: “Come 2024, it is TESCON that would lead the charge (to win the general elections), because the percentage of votes carried out by the youth wing in previous elections was the highest, therefore, there is the need to focus well on them and make sure they have direct benefits from the activities of the party on campus.”

The STU TESCON Patron, Kwaku Tuah Osei, commended the Afari Gyan Foundation for the support.

“The support from the Afari Gyan Foundation would contribute to the human development of the TESCON members on campus and the party in general,” he said.

Describing TESCON as the intellectual wing of the party, Mr. Tuah Osei said they were the future human capital that the party would need. He, therefore, appealed to the party and other organisations to support the members, especially the vulnerable students.

STU TESCON President, Mohammed Sadat Wuni, on his part, said they were the pillar of the party, and urged them to be serious with the student wing activities on campus, geared towards victory.

“I want to put it on record that TESCON is a pillar of the party and students should with our activities to ensure victory in all elections,” he said.


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