Samira Bawumia brings beauty to politics

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Evans Afari Gyan Foundation, Mr. Evans Afari Gyan Yeboah, has observed that the political space in Africa was occupied by politicians who do not have time for the people of lower class who gave them power.

According to Mr. Gyan Yeboah, who is the Bono Regional Organiser of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), political office holders in Africa suddenly do not have time for the electorate after they had been given the power they sought with humility.

“Politics in Africa is always associated with power brokers, all of a sudden, not having time for their electorates or people of lower class and status, after being given the solemn right to the power they so much seek in humility,” he said.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Chronicle in Sunyani after paying a courtesy call on the Second Lady, Mrs. Samira Bawumia, in Accra, the NPP Organiser added that the perception may not apply to all political office holders, as some of them had demonstrated unique qualities worthy of emulation.

“This narrative or perception may not be the case with a personality like the Second Lady of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs. Samira Bawumia, wife of the Vice President,” he said.

Mr. Gyan Yeboah noted that “it was amazing to have the attention of the Second Lady even at short notice. The value she places on every visitor to her office makes her stand out as a unique political office holder which deserves commendation,” he added.

The Regional Organiser said that “this is not to say that she was idle or out of schedule. On the contrary, her day was fully booked with appointments across all shades of working class and organization tailored to improving the lives of Ghanaians.”

He noted that the engagement with the Second Lady was centered on many cross-cutting issues that stakeholders can leverage on to advance the course of supporting development initiatives across the country.

Mr. Gyan Yeboah pointed out that globalization, over the years, keeps shrinking borders and granting access to people and resources through various mediums and channels.

“That notwithstanding, physical access to human beings cannot be overlooked in getting basic and complex issues solved,” he said.

The Regional Organiser recalled that meeting with the Second Lady for the first time reinforced the orderliness with which she appears at national events and the detailed attention she pays to every assignment.

“The meeting the Second Lady for the first time with my team and the professionalism with which we were welcome summed up the orderliness with which she appears at events and on television shows. This personality indeed precedes her in every aspect of her appearance and thoughts,” he said.

Mr. Gyan Yeboah, therefore, charged persons in political positions to remain humble and respectful after gaining political power, and strive to address as many issues as possible for the people who gave them the power.

“I can only sum up by asking all who are in positions of power or authority to take a lesson from her by making time for all and sundry who may seek their attention on any subject related,” he said, and added that “she makes leadership beautiful and this has authenticated her awards from India achievers as the Queen of humanitarian service in 2019.”


The Regional Organiser believes the task of the NPP breaking the eight year cycle at Jubilee House could be made easier, if the party had the likes of the Second Lady. “It’s indeed nourishing to have an experience with such great minds leading the charge to break the 8,” he said.

Mr. Gyan Yeboah was accompanied by his Executive Director, Mr. Wisdom Wils Godonu, and Mr. Emmanuel Offori Gyimah, Director of Photography and Social Media.


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