No Galamsey At President Akufo-Addo’s House In Kyebi

There is no mining activity taking place in and around the private residence of President Akufo-Addo in Kyebi, his hometown.

Other houses at the back of President Akufo-Addo’s house

Contrary to the widely reported claims that Galamsey has led to the destruction of the wall and garden of the President’s home in Kyebi, The Chronicle did not witness this when it visited the residence in Kyebi yesterday.

The green grass and flowers on the compound of the president’s residence

The former chairman of the now defunct Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining (IMCIM), Prof Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng stated in a report to the Chief of Staff that the NPP Constituency Youth Organiser was engaged in illegal mining in the backyard of President Akufo-Addo’s home in Kyebi, destroying his wall and garden.

The left side of the president’s house when facing it

Many Ghanaians who have reacted to this story claim that if it is true, then it undermines the commitment of the president to fighting illegal mining.

The President’s house

Yesterday in Kyebi, The Chronicle toured the precinct of the president’s home, but did not observe any evidence of mining.

The street in front of Akufo-Addo’s house in Kyebi

The paper also interacted with the traditional authority and some residents, who denied the allegation.


The back of the house

The Traditional Authority in Kyebi said they were “uncomfortable” with the allegation and subsequent negative commentaries.

Osabarima Marfo Kwabrane, Kyebihene, indicated in an interview that “there is nothing like [galamsey] going on here.”

The right side of the house when facing it

The Abontendomhene, who was flanked by members of the traditional council, said they were not pleased with the accusation, “especially Kyebi and the Traditional Council. A man who has struggled for almost 45 years to get to where he is – about to leave the presidency and people are trying to destroy his reputation. It is bad.”

According to him, Prof. Frimpong-Boateng may have to visit the town to prove his allegation against the president.

Palm trees, grass and pavement has covered the compound

When asked what the traditional council had done about galamsey in general, as far as Kyebi was concerned, he mentioned that the Okyenhene, Amoatia Ofori-Payin is seriously fighting against illegal mining.

He mentioned that some machines have been seized and illegal miners chased out of every site, when the authorities get to know about it.


Madam Gladys Agyekumaa, an elderly woman, who said she had lived in the president’s house since 1991, debunked the claim outright.

The Chronicle posed a direct question to her to show where the illegal mining took place in or around the house.

Shocked by the question, Mad Agyekumaa first asked, “Gold?” and continued in the Akan language that “it is not true,” and then gave a history of her stay in the house.

According to her, it could not be true that the house where she had lived for 32 years was being mined for gold.

She told this paper that President Akufo-Addo “will not allow you to cut down any tree, let alone mine for gold.”


The Chronicle approached some executives of the NPP Abuakwa South Constituency on the matter.

It will be recalled that the controversial report mentioned that NPP Youth Organizer of the party was behind the mining in the backyard of the president.

The General Secretary of the Constituency, Julius Okyere, told this paper that the news came to them as a shock, because it was not true.

Pointing to the surroundings of the residence in contention, he said “You have come here and looked around, but you did not see any mining activity here.”

He added that the place did not even look like reclaimed land for one to think it used to be a mining site.

He urged Prof. Frimpong Boateng to choose his battles carefully if he has personal scores to settle with the party, “but not to drag the name of Kyebi and the constituency into it.”

The constituency chairman, Mr. Curtis, would not disclose much information other than say that the executives would take steps to exonerate the constituency from the allegation.


Some neighbors close to the residence could not believe the allegations. The owner of a hairdressing saloon on the street in front of the house, Nana Ama, was particularly surprised at the news, saying nothing of the sort has happened in the president’s house or around his it.


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