NIMED CEO named Investment Woman of the Year

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NIMED Capital Limited, a premier investment banking firm, based in Accra, Abena Buachiwaa Brigidi, has been adjudged Finance and Investment Woman of the Year by the Chartered Global Investment Analyst (CGIA).

The women in finance summit was to promote a chunk of the females to venture into the industry, however, the decision to honour some who are making strides just to encourage the younger ones.

Abena Brigidi was awarded for contributing to diversity and inclusion at the First Ghana Women in Finance and Investment Awards 2021, which took place on Saturday 11th December, 2021, at the Alisa Hotel.

The summit and awards event, which was organised by Chartered Global Investment Analyst (CGIA), in collaboration with the Women in Finance and Investment Network, brought together women in the finance and investment sector, who took turns to share their life stories, and had discussions on pertinent issues such as career growth, juggling work life with family and social life, and developing a savings culture.

Explaining how young women could reach a greater height in the sector after receiving the award, she said: “Women need to build capacity and learn. If you have the ambition to be an investment analyst, there is a path that you need to charter. So, you need first to certify yourself to become a licensed investment analyst, and then you need to look for role models and learn from them.”

According to her: “In learning, one of the principles I have used that I believe will help every young lady who wants to get into the industry, is to be humble; humility opens doors; when you are humble, you can learn. So, I will encourage young ladies to be humble and submit themselves to learning.”

She also encouraged young women to cherish and build good relationships to share ideas and get to the top.

She continued: “Hard work pays, so if you find yourself in any corner, you need to work as hard as you can in making sure you are the best. You don’t have to just be an ordinary staff member; you should be noticed; you should be a valuable asset in your institution.”

Abena Buachiwaa Brigidi is a certified Ghanaian investment banker, an author, and speaker. Her passion is to champion the course of financial literacy in the 21st Century by offering financial education through various avenues.

In September 2017, she launched her first book on investment and planning for a secure financial future, titled “Little Drops.”

Abena also has an outstanding track record in the oil and gas industry. She served in the position of a Chief Financial Officer at Karela Oil and Gas Ghana, rose through the ranks, and is currently the Chairperson for the Karela Group of Companies.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities from the University of Ghana, a well as Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in General Management from the University of East London.

Abena Buachiwaa Brigidi was named in 2017 as one of Africa’s top twenty-five distinguished women in business, as well as Ghana’s Most Outstanding Woman in Business, and, again, won the 2017 Emerging Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award.


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