Nick Cannon loses youngest to brain cancer

Addressing an audience on The Nick Cannon Show, Nick Cannon announced that his five-month-old youngest son, Zen Scott Cannon has died from brain cancer.

Cannon revealed that his youngest son was diagnosed some months ago after noticing that the child had a “sinus thing” and “interesting breathing.”

According to Nick Canon, his son’s head appeared slightly large, but he thought it was just the “Cannon head.”

“We didn’t think anything about it, he had a normal Cannon head! But I really wanted to take him to the doctor to check out the breathing,” he revealed.

“His head was starting to get big. When we found out it was more, they called it a malignant tumor in his head,” Cannon said, adding that; “Immediately, we had to have surgery. Brain surgery.” After the surgery, Cannon said he made sure to give his kids time together.

He showed a photo of his twin children he shares with ex Mariah Carey – Roc and Roe, and another one of his young sons visiting Zen. “I just got an opportunity to try to spend as much time, and I really just want to say I’m so grateful to my entire family for coming together during this time and being so loving, and not judgmental of me or any of those things,” he said.Unfortunately, Zen died on December 5.


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