Newmont’s Operations in Ghana Recognized for Leading Decarbonization Efforts

For the third consecutive year, Newmont’s Ahafo South and Akyem mines have been lauded by KalTire for their outstanding achievements in the decarbonization effort.

KalTire’s Maple Programme recognized Ahafo South with a carbon credit for saving 333 tons of CO2 equivalent (332,851 kg) through tire retreading, thereby preventing the use of 8,192 liters of oil in new tire production in 2023. Similarly, Akyem Mine was acknowledged for saving 170 tons of CO2 equivalent (170,441 kg) through the retreading of 26 tires, avoiding the use of 4,137 liters of oil.

Newmont has integrated energy efficiency and climate goals into its corporate strategy, aiming for zero carbon emissions by 2050. At Ahafo South, various yearly projects are executed to meet these commitments. In 2022, Ahafo South and Akyem received carbon credit recognitions for saving 121 tons (120,518 kg) and 60 tons (59,562 kg) of CO2 equivalent, respectively. In 2021, Ahafo South saved 110 tons (109,678 kg) of CO2 equivalent by retreading 34 tires, avoiding 3,083 liters of oil use.

Climate change remains a significant global challenge, with substantial risks for future mining operations. As a responsible steward of the environment, managing climate-related risks to its operations, communities, and society is a key priority for Newmont.

The company’s recent climate report detailed how it manages climate impact through scenario planning and risk analysis, including the effects of inflation and geopolitical factors. Newmont has a dedicated Energy and Decarbonization program and has embedded emission reduction targets into its capital investment and business planning processes.

Newmont’s efforts towards sustainable and responsible environmental management have been recognized by the Ghana Chamber of Mines, with Akyem and Ahafo South mines being named Best Green Mine in 2023 and 2022 editions of the Ghana Mining Industry Awards respectively.

In 2021, Newmont announced a $100 million strategic alliance with Caterpillar Inc. to revolutionize the mining industry, aiming for zero-emissions mining through the development and deployment of electric and autonomous mining equipment.

Newmont continues to demonstrate its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of mining and leading the way towards a more sustainable and responsible future.



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