Newmont showcases its responsible, sustainability  practices at 2024 West Africa Mining Confab

Newmont is leading the way in responsible mining with a strong focus on environment, social, and governance (ESG) practices. Recognizing the vital role of ESG in business success, Newmont has integrated these principles into its operations. A Forbes survey showed that over 90% of CEOs believe sustainability is key to their company’s success, and Newmont is no exception.

The mining giant has been recognized for its outstanding ESG performance, landing a spot on the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for 16 years in a row. This places Newmont among the top 10% of the world’s largest 2,500 companies for sustainability practices. The company’s efforts have earned them the title of sector leader for eight years in a row.

At this year’s West African Mining and Power Conference and Exhibition organized by the Ghana Chamber of Mines in Accra from 5th -7th June, 2024, Newmont showcased its sustainable operations as well as interventions to ensure enhanced outcomes in environmental management, water stewardship, climate resilience and sustainable communities.

Environmental management and water stewardship

Contributing to discussions at the event on ESG in the Mining and Energy Sectors, Ms. Charlotte Tay Senyo, the Senior Manager for Sustainability Projects at Newmont Africa, stated, “for Newmont, ESG and sustainability are fundamental to our success, and we are committed to continuously advancing practices that protect people, draw value into the economy, support host communities and safeguard the environment.”

Ms. Senyo indicated how Newmont strives to achieve shared value in the implementation of its ESG programmes through partnership with external stakeholders, host community leaders and regulators to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome of value creation.

Similarly, Albert Ainoo, the Regional Director for Environmental Affairs, at Newmont’s operation in Ghana emphasized Newmont’s water stewardship, strategies for minimizing environmental impacts, and eco-friendly practices in the operations.

He noted: “When it comes to waste management, mine waste can have long and short-term impacts on the environment. The long-term consequences can be particularly costly. It is against this backdrop that Newmont has instituted policies mandating that each mining site establishes procedures to manage environmental impacts associated with waste and water effectively.”

“Water that accumulates in mining pits often drains out from our waste dumps, creating what is referred to as impacted water. To prevent this water from flowing into and polluting nearby rivers, we carefully manage it by directing it to engineered ponds. It is our standard practice to ensure that water is thoroughly treated before it is utilized for any purpose,” Mr. Ainoo added.

Newmont has emphasized its commitment to tackling climate change head-on with a promise to become carbon neutral by 2050. The organization committed US$500 million to climate initiatives and have set science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Newmont is also working with Caterpillar to create battery-powered mining trucks, which will help reduce emissions even further.

Newmont’s commitment to ESG is more than just a business strategy; it’s a fundamental part of how they operate, ensuring they can protect people, support communities, and safeguard the environment while also being a successful and profitable company.


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