Newmont Akyem Mines is committed to dev’t of Kotoku Traditional Area …management assures Okumahene Oseadeeyo Dr. Frimpong Manso IV

Management of Newmont Akyem Mines has reiterated its commitment to the socio-economic development of Akyem Kotoku Traditional Area.

This came to light when an eight-member delegation from Newmont Gold Company paid a courtesy call to the Royal Palace of Kotokuhene Okumahene Oseadeeyo Dr. Frimpong Manso IV.

The delegation which was led by Mr. Charles Bissue, the General Manager for the Newmont Akyem Mines, included Derrick Boateng Senior Susta

The delegation was made up of Mr. Charles Bissue, General Manager, Mr. Derrick Boateng, Senior Sustainability and External Affairs Relationship Manager, Agyeman Okyere, Acting Manager Akyem Mines, Eric Attakora Boateng, Head Security Manager, Samuel Ofosu Agyei, Social Responsibility Manager, Evans Kafui, Community Relations Manager, Emmanuel Ansah Agyei, Community Relations Manager, and Rosemond Agovor, Media Officer.

Mr. Derrick Boateng, who spoke on behalf of the delegation for the Newmont Akyem Mines, paid a glowing tribute to the Overlord of the Akyem Kotoku Traditional Area, most especially the level of patience he demonstrated during the forgotten chieftaincy dispute that greeted the area.

According to him, management of Newmont was elated by the news of the Central Government’s recognition of the status of the King, and with brimming smiles read a congratulatory message on behalf of Newmont Africa.

“We deem it necessary, as customs and courtesy demands, to come and congratulate Okumahene Oseadeeyo Dr. Frimpong Manso. The Akyem Kotoku Paramountcy has been an important partner to the successful operation of the Newmont Africa Akyem Mine, from the exploration stage to date, and we see this collaboration continuing into the future.”

The message continued that “we sincerely appreciate the cordial relationship that has existed between the Paramountcy, the traditional leaders, and the host communities and the company. And this is essential for the sustainability of Newmont’s operation and development of the host community.”

Mr. Boateng assured the King “with your permission we would like to agree on a date to meet with you and provide an extensive update on Newmont Akyem Mines’ operations, the Newmont Akyem Development Foundation, and ongoing foundation redirection strategy.”

The King of Kotoku, on his part, said among others, “the important thing is that the Paramountcy and Newmont have got to decide to relate with each other with honesty which was nearly marred as a result of the chieftaincy matters.”

The Overlord of the Akyem Kotoku Traditional Area mentioned that: “I have a sense that we have to find a new pathway, and have some friendship.”

The good people of Kotoku humbly await the development projects the King would be able to undertake in their state, as he sets forth to partner the leadership of Newmont Akyem to realise his dreams of relieving his people from the burdens of underdevelopment, unemployment, and the likes.


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