New Ahmadiyya Mosque commissioned at Obuasi

The new mosque

The Ameer, Head and Missionary-in-Charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana, Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih, has commissioned a modern 400-capacity Ahmadiyya Mosque complex at Pomposo in the Obuasi East District of the Ashanti Region.

The grand opening ceremony of the US$100,000 facility, which was put up by a renowned Ahmadi and a former headmaster of T.I. AMASS, Fomena, Alhaji Ahmed Kwame Boakye, was attended by nananom (chiefs), community leaders, and members of the Muslim community.

In the keynote address, Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih tasks Muslims to reflect on their ways in performing good deeds, reminding them that no religion was to blame for their negative actions, but that it was a reflection of their own choices and decisions.

He stressed the significance of building a house of God as a blessing, not only for the person or family that built it, but for generations to come.

He acknowledged the achievement made by Alhaji Ahmed Boakye and his family in constructing the mosque by expressed his gratitude to Allah for the success.

Nananom, leadership of Ahmadiyya Mission pose with Mauvi Mohammed Bin Salih

He urged all those gathered to seek Allah’s mercy and guidance in carrying out their religious duties effectively to enable them reap the blessings of Allah, both in this world and hereafter.

Alhaji Mohammed bin Salih emphasised that Alhaji Ahmed Boakye and his family were a blessed and worthy to associate with, added that he, himself, had been an affiliate member of the family since he first got to know them.

He encouraged all to keep Alhaji Ahmed Boakye and his family in their prayers for Allah to grant them the best of this world and thereafter, and urged all present to emulate their example.

Alhaji Ahmad Boakye, Naib Zonal President, in his address drew comparisons between the building of the new mosque and the story of Abraham and Ishmael building the mosque in Mecca, as mentioned in the Holly Quran.

He acknowledged that while their efforts were merely a fraction of what Abraham and Ishmael achieved, it was still a significant milestone for the local Muslim community.

Sharing personal reflections on his own journey, including the history of how he received his son and the challenges he faced with his family encouraged his son, Ahmed  Adade Boakye, to fulfill what he could not in this world by the grace of Allah, and how his son’s efforts led to the establishment of the new mosque.

He entreated his son to build another mosque with his younger brother, Nasir Boakye.

He observed that, as the years passed and the community continued to grow and develop, it was decided that a modern and expanded mosque was needed, and for that matter made a proposal for such a mosque, and with the support of his family, construction soon began.

He indicated that, before the new structure could be erected some cables had to be removed from the site and that Mr. Issah and Mr. Bashiru helped cover the cost. During that time the decision was made to name the mosque after the man who first brought the Ahmadiyya Mission to the community.

The Zonal President humbly requested that such a proposal be accepted in honor of the man who played such a crucial role in the establishment of the mosque and the faith in the community.

The Zonal President and Chief Imam emphasised the importance of peace and understanding between Muslims and Christians in the nation, adding that Islam was a religion of peace.


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